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1.599€ / $1,897 / £1.432

Shengmilo ™ MX02S is the most popular electric bike. As a powerful source for electric bikes, Shengmilo MX02S is equipped with a 48V17A lithium battery and 48V 1000W brushless, high-speed motor. The battery is additionally protected from water sources and damages and can be removed from the frame. You can charge it easily while on the bike or outside the bike, the full charge will take 5 – 7 hours. Depending on the selected mode, assistance level, and rider’s body weight, ebikes range is between 50 -90 kilometres. It is equipped with CST fat tires and is available in black or blue color.

1.399€ / $1,660 / £1.235

Shengmilo MX20 (Black) is one of the most popular urban ebikes. Don’t be fooled by the small size – the Shengmilo MX20 has a high capacity battery and powerful motor that ensures every ride is smooth and amazing! It is not just foldable, which means you may carry or store it just about anywhere, but the fat tires guarantee a comfortable ride in harsh off-road environments like sand and snow as well.

1.549€ / $1,838 / £1.754

Shengmilo MX01 Extreme in Green & Black color is a super cool high power bike with an all-aluminum framebuilt-in battery, and powerful motor, the Shengmilo MX01 promises you fantastic rides on city roads and exhilarating weekend adventures on mountain roads or sandy beaches! Ebike is very portable due to its innovative folding design. Multicolor avaliable.

1.449€ / $1,719 / £1.297

Shengmilo MX21 is a superb electric bicycle that promises exciting rides every time! The Shengmilo MX21 small in size with a sturdy aluminum frame that is durable and long-lasting. The battery is hidden inside the frame, which keeps intruders at bay, while the compact electric motor on the rear wheel is extremely powerful. The fat tires ensure a steady grip on the road, so you can use it on smooth roads as well as on rugged terrain!

1.299€ / $1,541 / £1.163

Shengmilo M80 is known as a fabulous mid-long range electric bike that takes you on incredible adventures with its dynamic performance and packs a powerful punch regardless of the terrain! Hop and experience an amazing time on the M80! This model is one of Shengmilo’s basic models with a folding designfull shock absorptionpowerful motor with long-lasting battery capacity.

1.249€ / $1,482 / £1.118

Shengmilo M90 is an advanced electric bicycle with modern looks. Looking for an electric bike that doesn’t take up too much space, while offering advanced features that guarantee a wild adventure? The Shengmilo M90 silver with its dual disc braking systempowerful motortriple working modes, and the foldable, long-lasting frame is just what you want!


Exceptional Motor by Shengmilo

Our electric bike models with never let you down, due to strong and powerful brushless motors.

Powerfull Battery

Motor and battery capacity and power are some of the most important e-bike features.

Next-Gen Shimano™ Shifter

Shengmilo ™ uses the best shifter on the best shifter on the market, which is currently Japanese Shimano.

Light and Strong Frames

All models have durable frames, build with the strongest and lightest materials. It will never let you down.

Inovative Design

Our engineers are always looking to advance our models with improvements. Many innovative features are patented.

Exceptional Support

We offer full support to customers from this website direct purchase.





"The bike range is better than expected. I am more than happy with my model. Shipping was tight, but on time".
Joseph Gourneau
"I use my mx20 mostly for work. I like that it never needed any maintenance so far and I hope it will stay like this forever ^^"
Touzalin valérie
"I am here to write review as promissed. First of all, thank you for the gift! This is my second electric bike so I got what I expected, with better...."
Matthias Rininsland
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