Shengmilo MX02S (Black)

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As a powerful source for electric bikes, Shengmilo MX02S is equipped with a 48V17A lithium battery and 48V 1000W brushless, high-speed motor. The battery is additionally protected from water sources and damages and can be removed from the frame. You can charge it easily while on the bike or outside the bike, the full charge will take 5 – 7 hours. Depending on the selected mode, assistance level, and rider’s body weight, Shenmilo MX02S is between 50 -90 kilometers. It is equipped with 26×4.0 fat tires and is available in black or blue color.

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Shengmilo MX02S has Big Capacity 48V17AH Lithium Battery

Shengmilo MX02S is our top seller for a good reason. As a powerful source for electric vehicles, MX02S is equipped with a breath-taking 48V17A lithium battery. With the protection of the plastic and waterproof case, the battery is not easy to be damaged. Two charging methods available for this battery. The battery can be easily removed and recharged. Or it can directly charge by plugging the power supply into the ebike boy. Battery full charge takes 5-7 hours, The battery life can be charged about 1000 times. The distance that can be used when the battery is fully charged is approximately 60-90 km (pedal assist mode) and 40 km (pure electric mode). The cycling range can be up to 50 – 90KM and the max speed is 35 km/h under the 5level PAS mode.

Shengmilo MX02S

Shengmilo MX02S is not only an amazing electric bike, but it also guarantees the experience of a lifetime! It is equipped with a powerful motor, Shimano 7-speed shifter system, hydraulic disc brakes, long-lasting battery, an adjustable and lockable aluminum suspension fork that converts forward power while climbing or riding on the road, and much more. Whether it is off-road hills, jungle trails, city roads, snow, or beaches, you can rely on this electric bike every time!

Long-Lasting Lithium Battery

Shengmilo MX02S Black internal batteryThe MX02S is equipped with a 48V/17A lithium battery. The battery is removable, so you can charge it in either home or office. Water damage is not an issue as the waterproof plastic case is doing a great job of protecting the battery. When the battery is completely charged, you can ride between 60 to 90 km in pedal-assist mode and up to 40 km in pure electric mode.

Safe Night Rides

The electric bike comes with a LED front light. You can easily take a quick ride at night without worrying about safety. Even on rainy and foggy days, LED lights have low energy consumption and strong permeability. It even has a loud horn so you can warn others of your presence on the road.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes on your Shengmilo MX02S Black

Shengmilo MX02S Double Hydraulic BrakeThe bike comes with a hydraulic front and rear disc brake design. The rotary stainless XOC disc brakes are rustproof and durable. It has excellent heat dissipation capabilities that ensure high temperatures can’t cause any harm. Furthermore, it prevents any damage due to rapid braking. The system powers off immediately when you brake, thus guaranteeing safety while riding.

Convenient Charging

This bike offers two innovative ways to charge your bike. The first option is to remove the battery from the bike frame and charge it separately. Alternatively, you can charge it directly by plugging the power supply into the car’s body. It takes around 5 to 7 hours to fully recharge the battery. You can recharge the battery more than 1000 times.

3 Working Modes

Shengmilo MX02S Functional LCD DisplayYou can switch between 3 working modes – take a look:

  • Pedal Assist – The motor gives you a moderate burst of power as you pedal the ebike. You can drive 60-90 km before recharging.
  • Fully Electric – You have the freedom to twist the throttle in any increments of power as per your choice. It has a battery range of 40-50 km.
  • Manual – Pedal the electric bike normally as you would any bicycle.

Durable Frame

The frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is sturdy, yet extremely lightweight and designed to last long. Thus, the electric bicycle is stable enough to suit all road conditions such as snow, road, beach, mountains, etc. The maximum load of this ebike is up to 180 kg, which makes the MX02S frame structure more ergonomic as well.

48V * 1000 Watt Brushless Motor

With the 1000 Watt brushless gear motor, the torque reaches 95N-M without any hassle! Thus it continues providing consistent power to the electric bike, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 40 km/h and gradeability of 35° in common road conditions. While riding, you can slowly feel the motor building up to the desired speed, which promises a lot of thrills! (Please note – the motor has a custom speed limit function of 20km/h to 35km/h optional).

LED Headlight

You can easily control the front headlight and horn from the handlebar. With the LED front headlight, your safety is highly enhanced by the LED’s steady and blinking modes at night.

Aluminum Alloy Handlebar

The instrument button is at your fingertips, one button to start the e-bike gear adjustment, and the information function is clear at a glance.

7-Speed Shimano Transmission

In pedal-assistance and electric mode, you can maneuver the Shengmilo MX02S to handle uphill, downhill, and flat roads at variable speeds. You can transition between different gears according to the various road conditions, which allow you to navigate paths and trails with relative ease.

Great Suspension on Shengmilo MX02S Black

The MX02S has a full aluminum alloy pneumatic suspension fork that is adjustable and lockable. Built-in suspension shock absorbers filter out vibrations of bumpy roads and rugged terrain, which gives riding comfort a huge boost.

CST 26 x 4.0 Inches Fat Tires

Shengmilo MX02S 26x4.0 Mountain Bike Fat TireAvailable in blue or black color, these “fat tires” can adapt to kinds of roads and conditions, like rain, sand, snow, mountains, and so on. They provide better friction and a stronger grip on the road, thus ensuring a safe and relaxed ride.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to gear up for an incredible ride! Get the MX02S ebike right away!

What does the Shengmilo MX02S Black kit include?

  • 1x Electric Bike Shengmilo MX02S Black
  • 1x Removable Battery
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Manual in the English language
  • 1x Free Universal Assembly Tool

Order Shengmilo MX02S Black

Additional information



Frame Size




Motor Type

Brushless Motor

Motor Power

48V 1000W

Battery Capacity

17 Ah

Battery Net Weight

3 kg

Charging Time

5-6 hrs

Max. Speed

35 km/h


Shimano 7 Speeds


3.5" LCD Display


26" x 4.0


Spoked Wheels

Handle Bar


Front Fork


Suspension Type

Bumper Spring


Alloy, 80 – 100 cm Adjustable Height

Max. Loading

150 kg


Front and Rear XOD Hydraulic Disc Brake


Shimano TX755, 7 Speeds Shifter

Net Weight

28 kg

Gross Weight

35 kg

Packing Size

156x34x80 cm

291 reviews for Shengmilo MX02S (Black)

  1. Rudolf Kirsch

    This bike has 7 gears. It’s enough to get me over steeper heels. as well as riding comfortably or with resistance on flat ground. These gears only stuck a few times when I first rode it. After a few times scaling back.and.forth with the gears. they stopped sticking and now switch smoothly and quickly.

  2. Lisabeth Brennen

    The bike has a lot of strength, being a Big fat weighs a little more than normal. It is easy to mount, although the instructions are not very concrete. The quality is good and I have now asked the seller if there is any menu to configure modes and speed. It’s still not clear to me how the rear light works as it’s independent of the bike battery.

  3. Vladimiro De Angelo

    Lovely bicycle, and very satisfied about it. Have him back
    Must convert to 25 km/h because that the maximum speed is in our country. He can 48 km/h without pedaling. Battery is very good. 31 km cycled and the battery had but 3 stripes used. For safety sake now charged. Also the seller is top. Good information provision and very quickly in response. Do only me own seatpost on it because the standard with my height of 1.99m is too short.

  4. Craig Piro

    Super fast delivery, top packaged, easy installing, everything works, first Test very good, motor very quiet, good workmanship, all more will show

  5. Thibault Silvestre

    This bike is simply astonishing value for money. It arrived in the UK in 8 days. There was a import charge levied for £32 which was much less than I was expecting. The stem of the LED light had snapped but the seller is sending me a replacement. Took it out for a first ride and bearing mind its over 10 years since I’ve ridden a bike managed 17 mile round trip on pedal assist. It charges up hills with ease. If there is a negative it’s that this bike is fast and I mean fast. At one point I was finding the ride fairly uncomfortable along little used and poorly maintained country lanes but then realised I was charging about in excess of 30 mph. The throttle makes hill starts a breeze. So, great product, great service and great vnalue.

  6. Fernand Aveline

    hahah its better than my moped
    seriously, I am not selling my 125cc yamaha as I have no need for it
    that was not the plan so funny :D:D

  7. Armaan Ellison

    brilliant bike lots of power in the motor did 34 kilometres on one battery fully electric mode did not peddle at all top speed was 57kph on the flat speed did go down as the battery was losing power dropped to 35kph brakes are perfect and the gears are nice as well lights are very bright shipping was very quick got it in few days.

  8. Nour Hartman

    The Bike is perfect in every way everything works as it should. It took about 10days I received it.
    The second battery was not in the package which I was not informed about but is on the way and should be here in about 10 days.
    I live on the top of a mountain village in Chlomos Corfu and need this bike to help me get fit as I cannot pedal up the hill unassisted but because of the pedal assist half battery power half my power I can do it and the battery lasts very well. The brakes are good enough for the mountain village and it’s conformable. I weigh 96 kg and I tried it on the flat on pure electric and it got to 50 kms/ hour which is quite amazing.
    I have used it every day now for 6 days going around the village up very steep inclines and unassisted down for 15 minutes a day about 14 kms total and the battery has only dropped 3 bars out of about 10.

  9. Susann Masson

    Overall I think this was a good purchase. The bike arrived in great shape and was pretty much completed. The parts I needed to assemble were really easy. The quality is amazing and it is easy to ride. The motor works really well. The only bad part I think is not being able to change the gear but otherwise it᯳ great.

  10. Marchelle Dowden

    Very professional seller I recommend 200% The bike is very good, good quality.

  11. Benoît Cortot

    Package delivered very quickly and what a surprise to discover the quality of the bike frame, tires. Ease of assembly and explanation in the sheet.
    Once the bike is mounted it is beautiful and perfect for a use that I consider as part of my journey home to work. Rechargeable battery, tools available and even a pump for inflating tires.
    Value for money very interesting and I highly recommend it.

    A big thank you

  12. Franchesca Schwebach

    The performance of this bike is amazing. After Installation ride 20km and the performance of this bike is way beyond of my expectations. This bike is very comfortable and really cool. The seller is also good highly recommend! I have got my bike within 7 days and the found everything in a good condition. The packaging of this bike was great.

  13. Joseph Garreau

    Looks great, easy to install/construct

  14. Kholmatzhon Daniarov

    top product bedankt en hele snelle levering

  15. Takako Ream

    “Estoy muy contento con la adquisición, es una buena bici, buena relación calidad precio. A pesar de que es pesada se pedalea muy bien, es muy liviana pedaleando, no da la sensacion de llevar una electrica.”

  16. Diedra Spath

  17. Juan Carlos VillarroelJuan Carlos Villarroel

    Wonderful transport option

    This electric bike is so helpful for me I have to go and back every day 20 km to my job, it is so fast like a moped, but you can use the cycling lane without problem, the ridding feels so soft, totally a great experience with this engine. 

  18. Lanie Edwin

    delivery was on time, bike is much better than it looks in my opinion, color is nice, arrived in perfect condition, everything works as it should, well made and good power, very good value for money, do not think you would get a better bike for this price, great seller, great communication would highly recommend this product and seller, thanks for a great bike

  19. Javier Molinoqe

    Super Bike, fast delivery, fast shipping, good package, Super Bike, seller is very good communicator!! Very helpfull. Top speed bike. I recommend

  20. Reiko Jeanlouis

    This bike exceeds my expectations !!! It is very well built with no issues. I took it out for a ride last night and got really nice compliments from strangers 😀 10/10 would recommend.

  21. Dieter Krist

    I am so happy with the bike. The delivery is 5-10 days. The contact with the seller was really good. The bike is going 45 km/h really fast.

  22. Jamel ben mabrouk

    Good value for money
    Excellent seller all questions answered with speedy response fast shipping everything as described.

  23. Efan Wharton

    I’m used to the rear brakes on the right. In this build, it’s the other way around.

  24. Jesús Pahino

    Buen producto

    Todo perfecto. Envio rápido y buena calidad del producto.

  25. solnet

    Super vélo

    Je suis satisfait de mon achat, livraison rapide, montage facile, tous les outils pour les réglages sont fournis.Je prends du plaisir à faire des balades et l’autonomie est très bonneSérieusement je recommande cet achat

  26. Korey Wu

    Not bad at all! I love the speed! Korey

  27. Susann Masson

    Now I’ve had the bike for a little while. This is superb bike with good features. Safe and trustable store with good service.

  28. ebicyler

    emballage de qualité. très bonne qualité de fabrication et de finition . facile à monter. très agréable à conduire. je recommande vivement ce vélo .

  29. cryzy

    CH bin sehr zufrieden. Bike przyszedl sehr gut geschützt mit alle gratisami. Kommunikation mit sprzedajacym hervorragende und bike swietny. 

  30. Joseph Garreau

    The bike was built in 1 hour together. Went quickly and easily. The quality is super and the power of the motor is very good! Great fun the wheel. The price just top

  31. Coleen D.

    I have 123kg and this ebike fully supports me. So it’s safe to say the big guys are happy with it. My friends are now also buying

  32. Jamel ben mabrouk

    Bought this bike back in January and have been satisfied with it for the most part. I bought this bike to kick around the neighborhood as a street bike/ light trail bike. For this purpose it works fine. It was easy to assemble from the box, probably 1hr to assemble with basic tools. All parts were present and packaging was not damaged. This bike is just fine for a 6′ 180lb male or someone smaller. The only issue is the gears are a little clunky, but with a little lube it’s not that bad. Overall, it’s not a bad bad to kick around the neighborhood and some light off road trail riding. One last thing, t

  33. Thibault Silvestre

    Super very fast delivery material the beautiful bike very very good gear. Perfect packing.

  34. Sigmund Bruckmann

    When, I first took this bike for a ride immediately started playing with the gears to figure out what level I wanted the gears set at. For some reason, the tires that came with the bike seamed really comfy when riding it, compared to others I have ridden recently. (They wear hard as rocks) Also, the bike seat was rather uncomfortable but that’s a given with most bikes, I have a way more enjoyable huffy Seat downstairs… so, I’ll just swap them! (No big deal).

  35. Sarina Santos

    The bike is just what I wanted. Functional for exercise and commuting, simple to maintain, stylish, visible on the road. I have ridden it a few hours now. Tires have high pressure for smooth ride. Racing style seat which is firm. Fly wheel and fix gear option. Pedals where good as well as the fork and handle bars. It has lots of connectors for racks and fenders if I wanted to add those. I ride in city park with hills and the single gear is a great work out. I also ride on flat land and can almost keep up with the road traffic. I might buy a few other bikes from this company to give as presents or to ride in a bike club.

  36. Shante Dezern

  37. Jaimee Harter

  38. Elerii

    Super fast delivery as usual very nice bike

  39. Clarita Pursell

    The bike is absolutely superb. Note also that the communication with the seller is perfect. I am very satisfied after the first 48 kilometers around Lake Annecy. Only downside, doing 120 km seems complicated with the current battery. I am also a little disappointed with the assistance on speeds 1 and 2. Speeds 3 to 5 are absolutely great. Despite a little long delivery time I highly recommend this seller.

  40. Andy Energy

    Better Than Expected – Quality Bike

    I’m happy with my purchase, it arrived fast and was very easy to assemble using their assembly video, but even without the video it’s just the front wheel and handlebars really. This is extremely well packaged, by far the best packaged bike I have ever seen. Huge amounts of protective binding and polystyrene, so the bike arrived flawless. The display was colour which came as a surprise, and the brakes and gears are all top quality.I’ve ridden Bosch and Panasonic powered eBikes that have been 250w and this is really much more powerful than any of them. It’s more than fast enough for an eBike.The only minor issue was the fitting of the mudguards and the rear rack, I note that these are cleverly described as free gifts. They are good enough quality and fine when fitted but did require a bit of effort to make them fit properly.Regarding range, all I can say is its very good.. All eBike and electric vehicle suppliers are generous with their description of range and this is no exception but it’s as good as any that I have seen.

  41. Alpha Um

    After a few days. Super happy, the bike is top

  42. Jeremy pinot

    I really was looking forward to this bike arriving in fact I had ordered 2 bikes 1 blue and 1 black. The black bike was ordered for a friend. They really are great value for money and the bike has an impressive look and rides great. I’ve only had it for a few days but just done a little 12 mile journey and the battery indicator didn’t move so battery range looks very good. The seller really gets back to you very quickly and answers all questions. I was promised 5-10 day delivery and this slipped to 13 days. I was a little concerned that tracking wasn’t showing but the seller assured me it would go live once it cleared customs and they were right with DHL contacting me via text on day 12. I suppose 13 days wasn’t to long to wait. The bike was really easy to put together taking only about 30 minutes.

  43. Alfredo Lamanna

    Great looking bike and good power.i like it.

  44. Thiébaud E

    Super produit !!!

    Reçu 2 jours avant la date indiqué.Produit simple à monter et agréable à utiliser.Très bon produit. Je ne regrette pas !

    One person found this helpful

  45. Ildefonso Sollami

    As bike! Very strong, comfortable, lovely gifts also enjoyed the seller sent. The seller is very attentively. Quick answer. Is always available to take your questions as quickly as possible. Can trust and buy it. Very reliable. Note 1000!!!

  46. Kemberly Roza

    this is an excellent bike ,fast and strong,i would highly reccomend this bike,and the people at sheng milo are very helpful and quick to respond to my questions

  47. Oscar Álvarez

    Hi, New year, new promises, right? I hope to see more nature with this bike (and loose some weight). Oscar Á.

  48. Alfonso Villapol

    “The bike is amazing! Super light compared to other electric bikes, very comfortable and can be used off as you don’t need that much force to drive it like this, your engine goes great even on hard terrain, front suspension It does not bring back what would make it even better and the brake system if it is not hydraulic. The battery has very good capacity

  49. elriko78

    gran bicicleta, muy contento con ella, he podido quitar el acelerador sin problemas ya que en mi pais no es legal. es mi 1 bici eléctrica y no podría estar mas contento. comunicación con el vendedor excelente

  50. Bonnie Montes

    bike came in like 9 total days! intalation was a hustle but we made it. It’s so far amazing and I can’t wait to get it out for a proper ride! I do trust this seller as he’s very kind and fast at his reposponses!

  51. Alisa Watts

    I just got a contact from ups and the package arrived at my door. I was surprised that the bike was so beautiful. I’m just worried that the weather in Britain will affect the use of bicycles.

  52. Chae Jiang

  53. Mendy

    Excellent bike, the seller is sociable, got to Finland from Poland in 5 days, I’m happy, thank you

  54. Joseph Garreau

    Overall awesome product, forward.

  55. Liberatore Accordino

    This bike is light weight. It isn’t as light as a rode bike. but it’s definitely a lot lighter than a cruiser. I am able to easily carry my bike. if needed. While riding. its light weight frame enables me to ride a bit quicker and smoothly with less effort…even with my gears up. The seat is adjustable so you can lower or raise it as needed. I’m short. so I like to stay closer to the ground.

  56. Susann Masson

    Good product I’m happy with it put 70 miles on it all ready in 3 days impressive bike

  57. Branda Goshorn

    Rides fine, took a little to long to arrive due to covid and wasn’t in stock on eu warehouse. Seller is very responsive so feel free to ask him any question. One full battery charge is enough to go full power for approximately 35-50 km

  58. Kathi Okamura

    Superb service, honest seller the bicycle and gorgeous, can’t wait godermi the bicycle,

  59. Micael Montes

    Okay this is a really nice bike, feels like riding a moped, not a bike. Good value

  60. Durante Sciara

    sure 5 star.

  61. Aasiyah Haney

  62. Lorean Soni

    E-bike is very powerful and well händeln. A Plus is the felicitous design. Repeatedly.

  63. Finn Junkermann

    Been using this bike for just over a week with no issues. Absolutely love it! I’m doing a 2 mile round trip to work each day and battery still nearly full! Power modes are great, haven’t gone beyond mode 2 which gives you a good push but you can still pedal. If you want to just accelerate there is a button for pure motor power.

  64. Lluciano Marcos

    Delivery arrived on time, very well packaged. The bike assembles without difficulty. After 2 tests on steep and dipped roads there is nothing to complain about. I recommend the product it has an excellent value for money.

  65. Moriya Masanobu

    thanks for seller deliver within 6 days everything is fine I like my ebike

  66. Dastan Nurbolatev

  67. antony90

    item arrived very quickly, a matter of days. was packaged well and item works great. few free gifts were included. all in all, very happy and would recommend to others

  68. Armaan Ellison

    Impeccable delivery, the bike easy to assemble, for the first rides of pedals very well

  69. Franchesca Schwebach

    This is a big gift for me. but my weight is too. which leads to poor suspension effect. On the whole. I like the quality of the bike.

  70. Ildefonso Sollami

    This e’un Merry Christmas gift

  71. Jamel ben mabrouk

    Aucun point négatif pour le moment. Le vélo vous porte assistance soit avec une poignée d’accélération type “moto” soit au pédalier selon notre bon vouloir. Ma crainte était le freinage mais finalement il se fait en douceur même à vitesse max. j’ai fais plus de 30Km en vacance en une fois (route et forêt) et il restait encore bien 50% de batterie. Il peut se recharger sans enlever la batterie ce qui est agréable.

  72. Javier Molinoqe

    Well I have to say that by electric bike I have a bit of experience avendone took a few before this. Fantastic bike top quality expectations to mi battery lasts one week engine performance outstanding, I tell you the truth I found what cercavo for years without spending a madness, the board

  73. Carla Poole

    Beautiful design, looks excellent materials and components, motor powerful and durable battery. The wheels Fat are very comfortable and absorb the bumps in the soil, the seat is convenient but must be tight to not have a movement over while using. In my first release I made 1200 meters drop for 50 km and only at the end of the battery is discharged! (Of course it did I use quite thrifty).

  74. Takako Ream

    Great, easy to drive, I arrive super fast, now to try the distance!

  75. Winston Hyde

    “Livraison rapide, emballage très soigné, contact avec le vendeur très facile très disponible, petit problème sur une roue qui a été résolu dans la foulée. Un grand merci à ce vendeur. Rapport qualité/prix très abordable.

  76. Enrique Lutz

    “Très satisfaite de mon achat vraiment. je le conseil très puissant monte très bien les côte mes très lourd je le conseille pour la campagne. la livraison a était très rapide reçu plus tôt que prévu très bon produit je le conseille

  77. Diedra Spath

    Rad ist top…….Händler hat sich am Anfang schwer getan, doch letztendlich alle probleme seriös gelöst. Das Klapprad betreffend keinerlei Beanstandungen…….Laufleistug des Akkus mit 150 km sehr optimistisch annonciert, aber 80 bis 100 km sind locker drin….Die Gangschaltung hätte man sich sparen können……wir fahren grundsätzlich im 7. Gang passt in allen Bereichen…. Quintessenz: ……..absolut empfehlenswert………….

  78. Savannah Brotherton

    Bike compliant, I am satisfied with my purchase. However there is a small impact on the frame.

  79. Anacleto Adornetto

    You see a strong bike and the battery lasts what they say, because I haven’t had a problem running out of charge

  80. Renesmae Knapp

    J’ai acheté ce beau vélo de très belle qualité. Batterie intégré au cadre, avec sécurité anti-vol. tout ce que vous devez savoir est dans le descriptif, mais si besoin vous pouvez contacter ce vendeur qui répond en moins de 24 heures…. Concernant ce vendeur justement, j’ai eu affaire à lui pour un petit problème qui à été très vite solutionné. Ce vendeur est très à l’écoute des ses clients, répond très rapidement et se qui ne gâche rien est extrêmement gentil. Alors si vous envisager d’acheter un vélo chez lui, allez y sans crainte, vous n’aurez pas à le regretter. Encore merci à lui pour son professionnalisme et son dévouement.

  81. Sarina Santos

    Excellent e-bike very functional and beautiful

  82. Dieter Krist

    “Super electrical performance and the whole looks robust and adapted to all terrain.
    Very practical the additional assistance handle (acceleration in mode 0) for delicate passages (narrow, muddy…).
    Not very suitable the fasteners mud guard and lacks a light integrated in the bike as in the front.
    Satisfied with the value for money I recommend this choice.”

  83. Alisa Watts

    “My biggest love about this bike is that it folds- I have a set of stairs I have to walk up and down at my train stop and being able to fold this to better support the weight is a lifesaver! This is still fairly heavy (as are all ebikes) but the folding mechanism means you can evenly distribute the weight. Takes a minute max to fold and unfold, super easy!
    Really great price if you’re looking for something for regular commuting!
    Only downside I would say is the seat is quite hard; I purchased a gel seat and it really made the difference especially for longer journeys!”

  84. Eleri Barnes

    Enamorado totalmente de mi nueva e-bike , nunca había tenido una bicicleta eléctrica , pero en verdad cumple total y hasta mas con la descripción del fabricante , es mas físicamente la bici es mas bonita . Yo trabajo con la bicicleta en una empresa de delivero y les puedo decir que tiene una autonomía increíble . He rodado en un día de trabajo más de 11 horas y recorrido aproximadamente 65 – 70 km con una sola carga y la batería solo bajo una barrita de 6 que tiene la batería . Además el empuje que te da, te permite subir cuestas súper impinadas sin ningún tipo de esfuerzo. En verdad es la mejor inversión que e hecho hasta ahora .

  85. Yuvraj Wolf

    “Very fast delivery without problems. Well packed and the Assembly worked flawlessly. The first rides confirmed the good performance of the battery. My wife and I use the bike for well over a year almost daily and it has us still not disappointed. For me could however be occurs Again’s stand solid slightly, for my wife he is ideal. We have the purchase not regretted and speak a clear recommended buy.
    Hans J & uuml”

  86. Dieter Krist

    Arrived in Ireland in 7 days with tracking, good support by mail company. Bike fabulous, built very well solid and goes it is a wonder. Consiglitissima

  87. Jannette Wilmes

    A very complete bike, above what I expected, very good performance, Enchanted

  88. Verline Cordon

    “Wir haben das E Bike für meine Frau gekauft, da unsere anderen e Bikes zu hoch/ schwer für Sie sind. Dieses E Bike ist perfekt augestattet und vormontiert. Der Einstieg und die Lenker /Sitzanpassung ist gut einzustellen. Der Motor ist ausreichend stark auch für das und es macht richtig Spaß damit zu fahren. Ganz einfach zu bedienen und zu laden .. genau das was wir gesucht haben… Es ist jeden Cent wert… und nicht so überteuert wie viele andere. Eine absolute Empfehlung für einen dem im Schnitt 70-90 km Reichweite reichen … uns ist das genug ..dann wird halt wieder geladen nach einer extrem langen Tour..”

  89. Ildefonso Sollami

    Well packaged-corresponds to my expectation-listening seller-reception 1 month

  90. Néo Lortie

    Das beste EBike das ich je gefahren bin, sehr leicht häufig. Tolles Rad!!!

  91. Amir mohamed

    Use the bike from about 20 days but not everyday. The use for walking on bikeways with my daughter on the seat mounted above the roof rack. I am happy with the bike goes great motor drives as it should. Make you easily small climb (flat dress in a city). The pedestrian zone the use with the engine off and I have to say that even in this case is not heavy. Recommended!

  92. Maximilien Chopin

    Ordered the MX02 as second bike… Already have the MX01. Let’s put it together. Arrived in very short time. This factory is definitely recommended!

  93. Shante Dezern

    I really was looking forward to this bike arriving in fact I had ordered 2 bikes 1 blue and 1 black. The black bike was ordered for a friend. They really are great value for money and the bike has an impressive look and rides great. I’ve only had it for a few days but just done a little 12 mile journey and the battery indicator didn’t move so battery range looks very good. The seller really gets back to you very quickly and answers all questions. I was promised 5-10 day delivery and this slipped to 11 days. The bike was really easy to put together taking only about 30 minutes.

  94. Savannah Brotherton

    Great bike, easy to assemble, lovely to ride, very powerful, fast and excellent delivery service.

  95. Coleen Dragon

    “This is a folding bike, so easy to fit in the boot of most cars.
    It is quite heavy but sturdy
    very good battery life
    I have done over 20 mile run on it and have not exhausted the battery
    It has 5 assist modes – from 0 to 100%. At 100% you don’t have to paddle at all, just use the accelerator on the handlebar and off you go. Just great even though slightly illegal
    At 0% you get no assistance. The bike has no gears so at 0% you will go slowly however hard you peddle. Set assistance higher and the bike turns into a racer.
    Great folding electric bike as long as you don’t carry it around too much.”

  96. Valtena Amodei

    Es hat die 5sterne in volle Zügen verdient, leichter Zusammenbau, tolle Fahreigenschaften

  97. Cindi Mcfarlin

    Excellent ebike delivery time was only 3 days

  98. Lelah Pelosi

    Переживал за доставку товара, но получил все быстро, без дополнительных затрат и в идеальном состоянии. Я очень доволен товаром и продавцом.

  99. Roderick Roth

    Fast delivery, amazing bicycle. I am so happy with my purchase.

  100. Armaan Ellison

    Timely delivery, satisfied

  101. Moriya Masanobu

    “Hello, I just got my bike. Neat packing, easy assembly. I used it for the first time and I am delighted with this first impression! Very easy to use. I recommend this product. To confirm in the coming weeks!!

  102. A***r

    great seller ,great bicycle , highly recommend

  103. Prudence Rodden

    Love the bike . only the delivery was bad . When I opened the box the horn / light switch was snapped off and Iᯭ struggling to get the replacement part . but the seller has sent one now .

  104. Lorean Soni

    very good communication with the seller! very reactif. bike is arrived in Time from EU warehouse as Saïd!

  105. Lakisha Mullenix

    received 3days later..otherwise ok..but i ordered two bike and they provide same color both

  106. Marchelle Dowden

    I received the bike after only 8 days. In very good condition, the package was whole was not damaged as well as the bike, very easy to install .. Tested a son and gets very easy to 50 km / h … The seller is very cooperative, answer all the questions very quickly ..i definitely recommend… because is excellent.. seller because is very kind and replying very fast

  107. Kawano Tanyu

  108. Lluciano Marcos

    After a quick assembly, try by my wife and myself… Top Bike, very solid and good quality!!! Very satisfied.

  109. Nour Hartman

    Nice and cool bike…

  110. Rainer Widemann

    Sehr gutes Preis – Leistungsverhältnis

    Der Zusammenbau ist meiner Ansicht nach nicht so einfach wie er von einigen geschildert wird. Man sollte auf jeden Fall zu zweit sein. Das ebike fährt super und kann ich nur empfehlen. Wie das in ein oder 2 Jahren aussieht wird sich zeigen. Auch zum Service kann ich nichts sagen.

  111. Ira Forster

    arrived at last original blue not a scratch or mark on the bike,well impressed

  112. Alfredo Lamanna

    If you are anything like me you are quite likely wondering if this product is legit – more so when looking at the countries of the reviews but I can safely say this bike is wonderful. The bike itself can pull me at about 10 mph on pedal assist level 3 (I weigh over 150kg) and the battery life on it seems to be pretty good although I haven’t yet tried it on a full charge to nothing,. The bike arrived pretty quickly and while I had some problems the seller sorted it out pretty quickly. I would recommend this bike to anyone that is thinking about getting it – it is honestly a steal for the price and I am hoping the seller sells bigger batteries.

  113. Liberatore Accordino

    The bike came shortly (it took little time).
    The seller is reliable, I recommend the page and the bike has arrived in very good condition!

  114. Ildefonso Sollami

    It is really top bike for the price.
    I will buy another one quite soon for my lazy son.
    Thanks to team for answering my questions.
    But it was my first ebike…
    Best regards, Fon

  115. Fernand Aveline

    The package appears in a complete state in front of me. The only disadvantage is that it takes too long. It takes 13 days to arrive in my country. The seller explained that it is the reason for logistics efficiency. Anyway, I like this bike very much. I will ride it every day as my partner.

  116. Renesmae Knapp

    it’s worth the money I have paid,build quality the battery range everything in this bike is super, and best costumers services, thank you guys

  117. Yvan

    J’ai profité de mon vélo toute l’été et j’en suis très satisfait. Comme je vis au Québec je n’ai pas l’intention de m’en servir cette hiver, j’ai remisé la batterie a l’intérieur et le vélo dans mon cabanon extérieur . Est ce que c’est recommandé de cette façon ?

    • Shengmilo

      Dear Yvan,
      you are correct.
      We do not recommend storing the battery in the cold, instead inside at room temperature.
      Thanks for the feedback!

  118. Kiyé

    Echt een super fiets en kwam snel binnen!

  119. Kiyé

    Super blij met de fiets. Ik heb een snelheid van 53km/u gereden. Toen ik mijn aankoop deed, werd de fiets al na 6 dagen bezorgd.

  120. Isadora Heer

    I just received the bike (about a month) and it is quite simple to ride. No connection is required at the electrical level everything is already done. I just did a few kilometers and this bike is really incredible I highly recommend it and communication with the seller and top Thank you again, I will come back to you to put a second review a little later

  121. Fritz Filippi

    El producto corresponde a lo que se señala en el anuncio , es bastante buena la calidad en relación al precio, la batería dura mucho.


    Very impressive bike

    Yet to try out but very impressed with the look and construction of the bike. Easily assembled following the video. Seems like a very good buy at the price.

  123. Takako Ream

    The bike is for the price absolutely top. It was already within 8 days there. All as described and real super. The Fat Tire are real the hammer. It is no downhill bike but rather what a profuse bike ride. The details, what the range and the speed of match pleasing way the facts. Price performance ratio is real top. Am so far though only about 100km hazards but can say that it every euro value is. Service and delivery also top. Many love thanks to the shengmilo team.

  124. Miriam Perry

    Perfect bike and perfect seller !
    (on the picture is battery is not on the bike –> charging)

  125. Didier

    Le vélo est arrivé en bon état, le montage est rapide et facile…Sinon après une première ballade, super sensation, je charge la batterie à bloc et je vais m’en payer une super tranche !

    One person found this helpful

  126. Cindi Mcfarlin

    very slow delivery to Canada – must have circled the globe a few times

  127. Gayla Tincher

    It rides well. Fat bikes are very versatile as you add tire pressure for hard packed surfaces and lower it for snowy or loose stuff. I can literally go through anything.

  128. Fritz Filippi

    Very very satisfied. Very good condition

  129. Yuvraj Wolf

    Excellent value for money and performance is better than expected. I bought this bike to use while commuting to work. I really love riding it.I have the option of peddaling. like a regular bike. but if I want. I can use the electric motor.Would I recomend this product Most definitely…

  130. pinot

    I am a 5’10 and 100kg big dude.I threw at it some of Gateshead’s steepest hills and it took em gracefully ( not super fast but I got to the top of the hill without a sweat).The commute to work and back is 6.4 miles in total. No significant hills. Battery still at 5/5 marks. I havent taken it on a long journey yet. I was going at very relaxed speed. Keep in mind that in all ebikes full throtle halves your range

  131. Lanie Edwin

    Super vélo je suis très content et je le recommande . Vélo arrivé vite bien préparé et il va vite ! Super vendeur bravo

  132. Enrique Lutz

    nice bike.

  133. Alfonso Villapol

    Vélo de bonne qualité livré en 5 jours. Vendeur très professionnel qui répond au message. Je recommande

  134. Dubois jerome

    Super velo

    Arrive dans les temps ⌛Le seul petit bémols les pédales pas top que je trouve inpeut fragile met sinon le vélo pas lui-même bonOnt vera dans le temps 👍👍💪💪

    One person found this helpful


    Arrivata in 15 giorni quindi in anticipo la bike è bella e funzionale

    È arrivata in anticipo È bella e funzionale e l’ho trovata molto potente la batteria dura tantissimo 

  136. Filippi

    é arrivata nei tempi indicati, bici veramente bella,i pezzi sono originali e di qualità, io con le gomme che ha su sono entrato persino nei campi,bellissima davvero,la consiglio inballaggio curato

  137. Major Woodrum

    The bike came in excellent condition! No scratches!! Welcome to the USA!! St. John , Indiana!

  138. Winston Hyde

    “With the citbike of Varun I am very satisfied. Shipped it well packed what Yes extremely important is therefore on transportation way nothing is damaged.
    For the Assembly I about 90 minutes needed. Much of the time hereof is needed to the bike from all wrap plus pad materials.
    Fortunately is also a German-language instruction included. Together with the assembling instruction as video, here on Amazon from seller provided was succeeds the construction”

  139. Lakisha Mullenix

    Quality of bike is good and also communication with the seller.

  140. B***n

    Received the bike a few days ago and I am very pleased so far! I have only driven around 15km and I have not had any troubles with the bike. The communication with the seller is really good and you get a response quickly from them.

  141. Major Woodrum

    Bike was in perfect contition.

  142. Sarina Santos

    Good quality bike. light. durable. easy to assemble. a reasonable price too. Would buy again.

  143. Fernand Aveline

    Ebike came 3 days ahead with a forwarder very well packed. After I have taken from the packaging, all protective films had removed it was very quickly surfaced. Included was all complete including tool to build. The E bike is in an absolutely new, no scratches or paint damage. Danger I am not yet. Thanks to the seller. Night day: I have the wheel on vacation now 1 week used 200 km. It is super, all Marvel it not only because the appearance but also because of the good quality and workmanship.

  144. caumont patrick

    vélo sympa mais malgres tout certain pb mécanique

    Bon produit pour des bonnes balades.

  145. Jaqueline Phipps

    Delivery nikel with a nice delivery man. Fairly easy assembly of the bike. There is more than to use it

  146. Alisa Watts

    Firstly. delivery was outstanding. Came far. far quicker than expected.It’s the 1st bike I have had in 25 years.Easy to assemble and I am very happy with the look. feel & comfort. My butt is still getting used to riding again but it’s a lot more comfortable than I expected.Came with everything you need to assemble and even had a small light which I think was an added extra from the supplier.I have ridden it for 2 days now and so far it has been ideal.Value for money? I really can’t compare as I haven’t had one for ages but I had no regrets and hope it remains that way.I have included some photos and hope it helps other choose.

  147. Valtena Amodei

    Super qualité

  148. Tandy Hoyte

    I do recommend but it’s good if you upgrade your bike.
    I put on new bigger pedals and a rear mirror.
    It’s safer now.
    Still good purchase 

  149. Craig Piro

    after a slow start, communicating with official store was really good and positive. I wasn’t able to get the blue one due to being out of stock but agreed to the black one which arrived just two days after my confirmation.

    I found the person I was messaging really helpful and quick to respond. As a first time user of shengmilo website I did have some concerns particularly as I was paying a large amount of money, but I found the service and support to be first class and particularly dealing direct messaging with Shengmilo.

    l am yet to put the bike together, but all the parts and gifts seem to be there so I’m confident that once put together everything will be ok.

  150. MARC

    Hola, escribí el 25/8 y aún no he recibido las instrucciones de cómo reprogramar las velocidades de la bici.
    Me es muy vital.

  151. Windy Milnes


  152. Anacleto Adornetto

    The perfect packing the super easy fitting today I have come out to test it and I am delighted I am a man of 68 years weight 98 kg and I measure 1.84 the of 29 is perfect in the what I recommend a hundred percent

  153. Starr Lheureux

    Very fast shipping and makes a very good impression, price/performance absolutely top!

  154. Kemal

    Super bike

    It pulls like dream.The battery came defected I contact the firm they were very helpful and they have exchanged right away.Owner or one of staff came imperson to solve problem.I would recommend bike.

  155. agnes lenoel

    Bonjour, il y a t’il beaucoup de frais pour la France ( douane, TVA)???

    • Shengmilo

      Dear Agnes,
      we will send the bike to you from the European warehouse.
      So there will be no additional costs for you.

      Thank you,

  156. timmytimmy

    Fantastic ebike much better than expected after sales support has been awesome Fantastic company to deal with The bike is awesome in everyway so much fun Thank you ..

  157. mogens

    uch bike for the money but had it been 5 kilos lighter, it would have been a dream bike.
  158. Benoit Catty (verified owner)

    Bonjour, j’ai reçu mon vélo très rapidement. Le montage est rapide malgré l’absence de notice en français. Les dix premiers kilomètres ont été impressionnants et prometteurs! Par contre, il n’y a pas le certificat CE permettant d’immatriculer ce MX02S en France. Pouvez-vous me l’envoyer. Merci

  159. Daniel

    Hi where can I buy the original battery for MX02S?

  160. Juan OjedaJuan Ojeda

    Excelente bicicleta

    Estoy muy contento, pensaba que era un poco pesada pero para eso lleva la ayuda electrica, una vez que inicias la marcha pedaleas con soltura, hay jugara un papel importante el desarrollo del cambio, alcanza 40km con facilidad, es un placer conducirla donde espero que de lo mejor en las vacaiones por las arenas del rio y en la montaña , absorbe las irregularidades del terreno muy bien, lo que la hace comoda, tiene buena calidad, estoy enamorado de esta preciosa bici, espero que sea dura, robusta lo es, 

  161. Olevia Lauder

    Good e bike. a bit like a balance bike. Brompton looking. but moves well by itself. good for experienced rider of who is aware of throttle control when driving. helping to save an injured knee from any further harm and damage through not having to pedal.

  162. sngelo

    Great looking…easy to assemble. Motor is plenty powerful for my needs. Battery life has been good so far. I have to go up some pretty good hills to get out of my neighborhood… it’s a breeze with this bike.

  163. Jamel ben mabrouk

    An exceptional bike. A superb finish. I have already traveled 100km with and I have only compliments to do. I recommend

  164. Finn Junkermann

  165. Lakisha Mullenix

    “I have the e-bike while not on bought, but still want my review here.
    I therefore 20 kilometers daily to work. EA retracts itself quite outstanding. The battery can be easily decoatable take and when charging there is no problems. It properly what the previous rating says that in the description of Jeep 40 km reach stands.
    But I suspect that this a misprint. I have the battery after 65 km the first time charging, and since he was still not completely exhausted. He still had a bar. So I think the the max. range of 80 km (as described) is correct. and I drive continuous on level 4(5 levels has the motor).
    It comes yes also on the driving conditions (headwind, soil etc.)
    So I am completely satisfied. And for the city absolutely enough.”

  166. marc

    Increíble experiencia, ha superado ampliamente mis expectativas..
    Tengo 2 preguntas
    1.- Puedo reprogramas las velocidades? quisiera que la velocidad 1 fuera de 18/2oKM, en lugar de los 12/14 km, actuales. Como se podria hacer?
    2.- Se puede comprar una segunda bateria? dónde?


    • Shengmilo

      Dear Marc,
      thank you for your purchase and your question.
      1. Yes, the settings can be modified. But it is not an easy task. We will help you over email
      2. Additional batteries can only be purchased with a much longer shipping time. Our sales team at will give you more information.
      I already forwarded your question to our team, so please wait for an email. 🙂
      Best regards, SHengmilo

  167. Antonio Levine

    i,havent seeing yet the bike becose im on away…but

    wife said packing is arrived ..i go home next week then i will now

  168. jean claude galaubet (verified owner)

    vélo reçu 7 jours après commande , livraison impeccable , par contre le coli a été ouvert , peu être par les douane?
    après montage du MX02S, essaie , surprenant par la puissance , ainsi que les freins , excellent vélo VTT
    un grand merci a Shengmilo pour cette achat

  169. jean claude galaubet (verified owner)

    je viens recevoir le vélo MX02S , temps de livraison très rapide 7 jours pour la France
    emballage impeccable sauf que le carton avais été déjà ouvert , peu être par la douane ?
    vélo impeccable après montage , essaie surprenant par la puissance , frein impeccable
    un grand merci a Shengmilo
    jean claude G

  170. Bruno

    Super vélo vendeur de confiance

    Produit de qualité après petite vérification des divers serrages ( important !! potence) petit retard de livraison mais rien de grave . Vendeur au top a l’écoute et très réactif aux mails .Déjà 180km a son actif ,rien a signaler , l’autonomie considérant mon poids je fait 45km avec assistance 1,2et3. Ce qui est convenable . j’ai été surpris par la puissance bien présente donc prudence dans les parties technique le moindre coup de pédale vous donne un bon coup de pieds aux fesses ,dans les montées il est surprenant côtes a 10% d’une facilité déconcertante ..Je suis très satisfait de mon achat ,je le recommande. 

  171. Lluciano 

    Bike received later than planned following logistics problems, the assembly is easy, it is very powerful. I tried it on 2km, nothing to complain about. More than testing the battery.

  172. Gérald Noir

    “Les doubles freins à disques sont rassurant car il peut quand même atteindre plus de 20km/h, Une poignée d’accélérateur type “”scooter”” est fournie avec pour un fonctionnement 100% électrique si besoin. Mais le mieux reste le mode “”assistant”” car il permet de grimper les dénivelés de la route sans efforts et ça c’est top ! Le tout reste de bonne manufacture.

  173. Daniel

    Salve dove posso acquistare la batteria da 25 Ah?

    • Shengmilo

      grazie per il tuo interesse per Shengmilo.
      Le batterie da 25A non sono disponibili per MX03.
      Forse un giorno nel futuro, ma non nel 2021.

      Distinti saluti,

  174. MOURGUES Boyer Céline

    Très bon rapport qualité prix

    Je suis très satisfait de mon achat. Le vélo est facile à monter et très agréable à prendre en main. L’assistance est très efficace et réactive. L’autonomie est tout à fait satisfaisante, sans être allé jusqu’au bout de celle ci, j’ai pu faire une cinquantaine de km et être sous la moitié de la charge.Esthétiquement c’est une réussite. Je voulais des gros pneus, ceux là sont énormes, et le confort va avec. On sent pas les cailloux ni les branches et j’ai hâte de voir ce que ça peut donner sur des sols plus sableux.J’ai comparé longtemps les modèles et leurs prix, et je regrette pas du tout mon choix. Ce vélo fait sensation autour de moi.

  175. Joseph 

    It arrived with a slight delay, but the bike is good. Best regards, Joseph

  176. Durante2356

    Very happy with my purchase I was worried it wasn’t working but it’s because you have to kick start to get it going really smooth ride and goes really fast.battery is really good also only critism is the breaks my old scooter seemed to stop quicker just takes bit getting used to if after a nippy scooter with good range it’s perfect.

  177. Susann Masson

    Very good product at a very good price.
    It is a powerful and safe bike.

  178. Javier Tesgo

    I liked the build quality of this bike, really good high quality welds , nice cable runs (no chaffing) arrived very quick . no dents sratches or dings .Assembled as per instuctions (nice and easy) no issues moved it to back yard and tested very powerful, nice suspension (dogs were chasing me around the yard) am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend this bike highly Thank you Tesgo

  179. Alpha Um

    Easy to assemble. easy to use great price. very nippy .my 12 year old loves it. BUT NEEDS TO WEAR A HELMET as it is really fast. WEAR PROTECTION PEOPLE!

  180. Gérald Noir

    Great! Good bike goes up to 55 km/h! Perfect for going surf or this walk!

  181. Sigmund Bruckmann

    Alles gut!

  182. Mimi S.

    J’ai pu monter le vélo assez rapidement

    J’ai reçu le vélo en bon état bien emballé aucun souci avec une journée à à l’avance. Le vendeur est très réactif quand il y a un petit souci il resto très vite et il y a beaucoup de pièces de rechange comme les plaquettes de frein. Je vous recommande ce vendeur fortement excellent vendeur

  183. Dastan Nurbolatev

    I was sceptical about this product and i was so so wrong. I’ve been using it everyday for long journeys for about two weeks now. its perfect in every way. I really cannot find a negative thing to say about this scooter. its built so well. rides so smooth and the biggest thing that surprised me is the life of the battery. There are days ive used it for over 10km and not had to charge it for the next day.

  184. Amodei

    Can’t imagine better. Delivery time was 6 days. So far so good! Amy

  185. Speranzio Bartolone


  186. ALONSO90

    Très bon matériel

    Robuste et stable, le montage n’est pas compliqué, il faut regarder les vidéos car il n’y a pas de notice en français.Je cherche encore le numéro d’identification gravé et obligatoire depuis le début 2021.Vélo electrique parfait.

  187. Susann Masson

    After receiving my order. everything is satisfied and the quality is good. Good seller.

  188. Gage Edmonds

    This is my first I am NOT disappointed..I needed something I could fold for transport purposes.. but it still wanted it to look cool and take some abuse.

  189. Gayla Tincher

    Thank you order received faster then expected

  190. Lisabeth Brennen

    250 miles on my bike. I found that it’s so heavy that it can be very difficult to pedal without using the assist mode. It’s a very decent mid lovely bike. I ride it a ton but I’m already looking for something different and more agile.

  191. Xose Mendez is in my opinion. the best company around when it comes to Electric Ebikes. The build quality of this item is incredible. Solid. reliable. well-engineered and well assembled. Easily the best scooter I have ever seen/owned. On top of that. my sincere compliments to the company for the way they deal with all forms of customer assistance. They clearly decided to put the customer first. Honest. straightforward. professional. I have been assisted by Carry and I couldn’t imagine a better service than the one she provided. 5 stars for that as well. They have become now the one and only company I will ever use in order to purchase this kind of product. Guaranteed satisfaction.

  192. James Gannon

    Hi no option for shipping to Ireland on the checkout, intentional or an error?

    • Shengmilo

      Dear James,

      thank you for your interest in Shengmilo.
      Please try again, we made sure you can choose Ireland.
      Thank you for the kind notice of our mistake.

      Best regards,

  193. Charles Sena

    Muy bien empaquetada, fácil de montar, pero tiene muchos “peros”

    Me ha gustado lo positivo, vamos, que viene bien empaquetada y es muy fácil de montar. Aparte viene con unos frenos de disco hidraúlicos que frenan bien y el display es de lo más informativo. Ahora bien, si vives como yo a 1 km de la general y tienes que llegar a casa por una comarcal, con cuestas de hasta 25° olvídate de subirlas con esta bici. Es por ello que ni me creo que el motor sea de 1000 W, ni que se pueda practicar off-road tal y como se vé en los videos (salvo que sean bajadas, donde no se necesita par motor). Yo tan solo la quería para pasear por mis carreteras comarcales lejos del tráfico y para practicar álgo de ejercicio…. pero ni eso.Por ello, si vives en un sitio llano, tal vez te sirva, pero no en una carretera comarcal asturiana.Muy decepcionado con la potencia, aunque no así la velocidad en llano, que para eso si anda sobrada (entonces los frenos flaquean..).Ahora no me queda otra que andar trateando con el controlador del motor, del motor es sí o aún una mayor batería de más de 20A. Menos mal que soy mecánico y tengo un buen taller. 

  194. Eleri Barnes

    Part of scooter was damaged.I contacted them and they sorted this straight out for me.Excellent after care service.

  195. Iside Casaletto

    The Swagtron EB-6 provided this senior citizen the confidence to ride a bicycle again. Part of my road is gravel and has a couple big hills, so I was fearful that I could not make it on a regular bike. After a relatively fast and easy assembly (just handlebars, front wheel, and pedals) I was on my way. The battery charges fast.

  196. Isadora Heer

    very fast shipping and really a pleasure to deal with thank you loads and would definitely recommend to others

  197. Agnès PIAUGEARD

    Bon compromis !

    Bon vélo pour rouler sur route et en forêt !Bonne autonomie, et assez puissant pour enmener les 30 kgs de ce vélo à plus de 45km/h (en aidant sur les pédales, bien sûr !)Petits regrets, il n’y a pas de feux de stop et la puissance n’est pas coupée lorsque l’on actionne les freins… 

  198. Giovanni Steiner

    Preis Leistung sehr gut

    Hallo bin sehr zufrieden LG Giovanni

  199. Client d’Amazon

    Au top !

    J’en dirai en plus par la suite si ça ne va pas. 

  200. Nickel

    Expédition rapide emballage impeccableAssemblage simpleTrès satisfait 
  201. clarita


  202. Jannette Wilmes

    “Good day!
    Want the bicycle not miss again. It looks very good and can super driving!
    As for me.
    High praise. The delivery via AliExpress has super folded and came without damage. Keep it!
    Love greetings
    Family Mayr”

  203. Zoraida Swick

    This is a fantastic ebike,I love this powerful 1000watt motor. It goes just around 50km/hr on trottle.With the shipping to Canada we needed some patience. It took around 6 weeks and got here safely.Thanks Sheng milo for the good service .

  204. Tommy Winston

    Sup! I got my bike in 2 weeks but my girlfriend is already waiting for one month? To Florida, USA order #3774
    Other than that, it’s a great bike, nothing to complain. Just please help her to get it faster. Tom

    • Shengmilo

      Dear Tommy!

      Thank you for your purchase and interest in Shengmilo.
      We will check out the situation and let you know asap.
      You will get a notification in your email.

      Thank you and have a great day!

  205. Дмитрий

    1 месяц до Москвы

  206. Marlen Akhmetov

    Bike beautiful. All ok great seller

  207. Alisa Watts

    Excellent bike for crazy girls.

  208. Clarita

    good quality product, easy to assemble (assembly documentation would be welcome for novices), sturdy packaging, lead time cut in half. the system is intuitive and very simple, the weight of the bike disappears from the first pedal stroke, impressive. we forgot the scooter, the car for all short trips … no fatigue … we can only recommend. and back from the ride … obvious lack of sweat

  209. mr big

    Good bike – but a few things have broken after 1 day!

    Very easy to install & put together – good clear video to follow. Took it for its 1st ride and was impressed in general of the bikes performance, – its quick and easy to ride.

  210. A. Engelhardt

    Super Bike, zieht alle Blicke auf sich, funktioniert tadellos, macht einfach Spaß. Händler sehr freundlich und kooperativ bei Anfragen.

  211. Jamel ben mabrouk

    8 days delivery

  212. Émeric Figuier

    Un vélo électrique extraordinaire, très rapide 45 km/h en donnant un bon coup de pédale ,je suis plus que satisfait, très beau et bon vélo je recommande vivement.

  213. Jakob Muller

    It is a great e-bike with a giant acku of 17 AH. The processing is class. It is without acku lighter than my old KTM bike with Bosch engine. Since the acku easily rausnehmen can (with key). The motor is almost not to höhren. Have now 210 km hazards and the acku only 2 times charging. The disc brakes as well as the circuit are also super. The box was very stabiel. The wheel was really well packed, and lies very quickly assemble as all far gehenst assembled was. Because the operating anleitug only in English was, I have the seller contacted, the has me immediately a PDF file sent with the German instructions. I can the bike only further recommend

  214. Latchi K.

    I bought this bike approximately 2 months ago and it was ment to be my second ebike as i don’t want to use my husqvarna for normal city ride… but it’s maybe even becoming my favorite… i mean husqvarna is great for downhill but lately i found myself using shengmilo for basically every ride except hard downhill… i posted my videos on youtube as well simply going 50km/h trough the forest terrain and no other bike can be so fast… i mean it’s really fast and with those fat tires is a great ride…i recommend unlocking it as I did to go faster.. my friend will also buy one

  215. Gérald Noir

    “OMG is the best bike ,in 3 days i receive the bike whit extra battery. Thx

  216. Wendelin Jonas

    In addition to the delivery time, it took three days, I’m satisfied with the state of the bike. It’s just that there are some parts in the package that I don’t know what they are for.

  217. Sonja Müller


    Ich bin absolut begeistert von der Lieferzeit und vom Bike, es fährt sich super soft und kraftvoll.Jetzt bestelle ich ein zweites für meinen Mann .Wir sind beide Leihen aber der Zusammenbau ging sehr leicht.

  218. Gayla Tincher

    brill bike. but it takes 3 weeks to get arrived in perfect condition.brill bike

  219. Heinz Dietz

    fehlendes deutschsprachiges Handbuch

    Bike ist in Ordnung für den PreisSehr schlecht ist, es gibt keine deutschsprachiges Handbuch!!!!!!!! 

  220. nikko

    I swear that’s the best bike ever haha ohh the fun with it, love it!!

  221. HARDY


    Conforme à la description lors de l’achat 

  222. Savannah Brotherton

    The thumb throttle comes in handy if you want to walk beside it and need just a little extra push at times for towing a cart or going over something. I also use it if I am taking off and I am in too high of gear. A little push gets you going easy.
    The digital display is very easy to read and understand.
    The packaging was very good and it is not bad to assemble.
    Battery seems to be hanging in there very well for me on rides. Not sure how far I can go yet but I have pushed it on some hills and it is still showing close to a full charge.
    Shifting gears with the throttle type gears seems smooth and easy. There is also a dial so you can see your gear.

    Overall this has exceeded my expectations and I am very happy with my purchase.

  223. Starr Lheureux

    A wonderfull bicycle Don over 2 hundred miles on it i the last 3 week with no problems would definitely buy this bicycle again very happy with it .

  224. Mammie Aguiniga

    superbe velo super vendeur je recommande les yeux fermer merci encore au vendeur

  225. Charly and wife

    The shengmilo was able to respond to all my questions asked. High quality service was able to beat all my expectations. I would recommend this seller to anyone that wants a high quality E bike.

  226. Enrique Lutz

    Very good communication with the seller who advised me to take the bike pack + 2 batteries.
    The package is well done and well protected. Editing is not complicated. The charger was forgotten, I’m waiting for his arrival in another package.
    Apart from that, the bike is good.

  227. Andriy

    Shipping to Ukraine was 16 days.
    Free pump was included

  228. Charles

    Dear! I received it fast to Cambridge. Easy to assemble. Generally a good purchase! C.L.

  229. Manuele & Martina

    Gran bella bici

    Nonostante qualche piccolo problema (dovuto da chi ha fabbricato non il venditore) poi si è sistemato tutto. Venditore molto attivo nel risponde e darmi informazioni su come sistemare il guasto…e per scusarsi anche un piccolo regalo

  230. Korey Wu

    Excellent bike well worth the money… excellent contact with seller..

  231. Adella Tarry

    Great bike I am very happy and I recommend it. Bike arrived quickly well prepared and it goes fast! Super seller congratulations

  232. Daanyal Shepard

    Really are very satisfied

  233. Tandy Hoyte


  234. Antonio A.

    Molto bella ma…

    La e-bike si presenta molto bene, facile da assemblare e fornita di pompa gonfiaggio gomme e kit di chiavi per il montaggio. Il problema è che dopo pochi km il display mi visualizza un codice di errore E010 e E007 che starebbero ad indicare un guasto alla centralina e un difetto di comunicazione con il motore. Ovviamente questo mi inibisce l’intero display che smette di visualizzare i km percorsi, la velocità, la durata della batteria e tutte le informazioni che se funzionasse correttamente indicherebbe. Ho contattato l’assistenza e mi hanno detto che mi avrebbero spedito un nuovo display….che dovrà essere montato e non ho idea di come fare dato che i cavi sono privi di connettori, insomma ero tentato di fare il reso ma te che la procedura sia abbastanza complicata dato che non è un prodotto Prime. Insomma….se e quando arriverà il nuovo display e se riuscirò a montarlo e se il difetto dipendente effettivamente da questo vi aggiornerò…. speriamo bene! 

  235. Néo Lortie

    I give 5 star

  236. Dastan Nurbolatev

    Very nice bike. I recommend this seller!

  237. Rebeke

    Hi, when i ordered last year you promised discount code on my next purchase and since we are considering one for my husband, i would like to know what is discount amount and why i didn’t get any email? With warm regards, Rebeke

    • Shengmilo

      Hello Rebeke!

      Thank you for your question and interest in our bikes.
      Please send us a message to or use our online contact form

      We always keep our promises. 🙂

      Have a great day!

  238. Carla Poole

    What a fast mode of transportation it is.

  239. Lelah Pelosi

    I bought it to commute to work, which is a 12-mile ride each way with some hills, The 1000w e-bicycle is very solid and powerful, even if it rains, it will not affect the performance at all.

  240. Ricardo Fernandez EspinosaRicardo Fernandez Espinosa

    Horquilla del manillar rota a la altura del amortiguador

    La bicicle me gusta mucho en general pero viene la horquilla del manillar rota a la altura del amortiguador

  241. Korey Wu

    The supplier and very professional. Each my request information of any kind. Were very clear and precise. Thank you and thank you

  242. Lanie Edwin

    Hi this is a great product for the pice well made and easy to put together. The customer services team respond to you quickly and are very helpful.

  243. Ellie Julius

    All OK am thrilled

  244. Shante Dezern

    I received the parcel between five days.

  245. Bonnie Montes

    Its a good bike
    Not Ferrari, but still good

  246. debbiedeb1

    Very good seller. To advise and help

  247. Mahi Reid

    “I ‘ve already been 70 km without loading the battery, nor do I throw much of it, yesterday I ‘ve made use of it in collars
    And very well, 30 km and only spent 1 point of the battery.
    In monte very well, it helps well, I advise the purchase.
    I received it in 4 days, only riding handlebars, front wheel with its brake, sillin and running.”

  248. Efan Wharton

    Just received the bike. Seems okay. Delivery within 10 days. Support of very good. Answered all orders and always fast. Recommend.

  249. José María González Palomo

    Tuve un problema con el planetario del motor, me enviaron la pieza sin problemas y la pude reparar

    Apareció un ruido en el eje trasero proveniente del planetario del motor, la bicicleta está en garantía, la comunicación con ellos fue fácil y fluida, me enviaron la pieza y la pude reparar la bicicleta.

  250. NarcyNarcy

    It work very good my bike.

    Everything is OK unless one of the break it’s not working.But it’s amazing. I love it.❤ 

  251. Wendelin Jonas

    This bike has been so much fun. I’ve waited about a month to review it. to see if any problems came up. but so far it’s been awesome. Just brought it down to southern Utah and it’s been a blast. The quality is impressive. We compared a lot of ebikes and this one was the best bang for the buck. I was worried it might not be powerful enough. but it’s actually a little too fast for me in the most powerful mode. The battery has lasted great so far. We were really impressed with the quality of the packaging for shipping. too. My husband bought one first and I loved it so much we bought another one.

  252. Lisabeth Brennen

    LOVE IT <333

  253. Dieter Krist

    It took too long to deliver and it was sent from the country next to my country, it should took days not almost 3 weeks. … Bike overall looks promising

  254. Fernand Aveline


  255. TommyGun31

    Fantastic bike but..

    Other than the two points below its a fantastic bike.No local instructuons come with it. The video links directed to are for a different bike.Some common sense and you’ll be fine.

  256. Durante Sciara

    Excellent piece of kit. Does what it says on the description. Had first class service from the seller. Delivery etc; I had a problem with the LCD display. possibly knocked in transit. Supplier sent a replacement within days. Very easy to change.Anyone looking for a foldable electric cycle. have a serious look at this model.

  257. Aamir Boyd

    Love the bike . only the delivery was bad . When I opened the light switch was snapped off and Iᯭ struggling to get the replacement part . Could do with better feedback from the seller . Assembly was easy enough. The throttle is great as well . Wish I could unlock it to go faster . Great value for money and I᯶e had lots of good comments from friends.

  258. Armaan Ellison

    “The package arrived earlier than announced, with a perfect packaging and it was not difficult for me to mount it, in fact I did it alone.
    In short, a highly recommended purchase for the quality/price ratio and customer service”

  259. Germain Beaumont

    Large bicycle. Goes over 45 kph, battery takes about one day the reasonable use. I bought the bike twice and the settings were somewhat different in the way the pedal support worked but both were suitable. The gear and chain both bikes is unfortunately a little the weak spot as its not possible to use all gears. However, given that with electric you can stay on a pair of gears most of the time, this not a huge problem. Overall the price for quality is very good

  260. Sammy Hood

    In Japan, it seems that there are many traffic rules for this bicycle to carry out legal traffic. I hope the seller can provide some qualification certificates.

  261. Germain Beaumont

    I only had the bike for a couple of days. but I really impressed with it. At the moment I use my car to get to work because I live at the bottom of a hill. and wouldn’t be able to manage it on my normal bike because I have arthritis. but with pedal assist. getting up the hill was a breeze. I will certainly be commuting to work on it.

  262. Prudence Rodden


  263. Cindi Mcfarlin

    Arrived to UK in 8 days which is acceptable

  264. jazzy91

    thanks for instructions but consider including video reviews
    its just an idea i think it would be brilliant to see when assembling
    oh so far so good with bike, i can say i prefer this one over my classic! cheers

    • Shengmilo

      Dear Jazzy,

      thank you for your suggestion and interest in Shengmilo bikes.
      We are in the process of making full video tutorials.
      But overall the assembling is very very easy and takes only a few minutes even to someone without any kind of experience with tools.

      And all the necessary tools are already included in the package.

      Enjoy your daily rides!

  265. Diedra Spath

    very fast shipping and really a pleasure to deal with thank you loads and would definitely recommend to others

  266. Mahi Reid

    The bike looks great. the delivery was fast. it goes well. the maximum speed I had was 40 km / h. I like the bike I hope it doesn’t break soon. I recommend it to everyone.

  267. Roderick Roth

    Nice quality. Well packed. Fast shipping. SHENGMILO.CO.UK communicates fast (answers in few hours on the same day to your questions). Top product and seller.


    Magnifique matériel, très robuste, VTT avec gros pneus passe partout. Je le conseil aux randonneurs. Le vendeur est très efficace.
  269. Sarina Santos

    For the money is the bike really good, I use it in a mountain village where no cars may come in the sneuw and goes supper good even with a sled there behind and then a little to top cycling. You notice though that the quality Chinese is and what faster is broken and rust but that should you than but accept. For is the snow is the genuine fine the lever which you can use to from standstill nevertheless sea shipping to making.

  270. Efan Wharton

    Testing now… It’s too fast for kid

  271. Stefan Br

    Oder drei

  272. Stefan Br

    Kann ich einen Rabatt für 2 Stück bekommen?? Stefan

    • Shengmilo

      Dear Stefan,
      thank you for your question and interest in Shengmilo electric bicycles.
      Yes, we can offer an extra discount for higher quantities.
      Please contact us at or use our online contact form:
      We will try to answer you as soon as possible or send you a coupon code.
      Have a nice day!

      Lieber Stefan,
      vielen Dank für Ihre Frage und Ihr Interesse an Shengmilo Elektrofahrrädern.
      Ja, wir können einen zusätzlichen Rabatt für höhere Mengen anbieten.
      Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns unter oder nutzen Sie unser Online-Kontaktformular:
      Wir werden versuchen, Ihnen so schnell wie möglich zu antworten oder Ihnen einen Gutscheincode zuzusenden.
      Einen schönen Tag noch!

  273. Lanie Edwin

    The delivery took a little more than 3 weeks.
    The bike mounts easily, it just missed a bolt of the light fixing which was easily replaced.
    First pedal shot…
    Bike not very suitable for small sizes-from 1M70.
    It is very powerful but unmanageable.
    Beautiful and robust bike to see in time.

  274. Branda Goshorn

    Ich kann dieses E-Bike nur empfehlen. Warum? Ganz einfach, gute Verarbeitung, schnelle Lieferung, leicht zu bedienen und gute Beschreibung. Top E-Bike. Passt zusammen geklappt ,was sehr gut geht, in ein Auto.

  275. andreas

    Received fast with ups ++

  276. Evee

    Heloo i promissed you review so here you go first of all my fear did not come true as this bikes size fit me perfectly. I was scared that will be a little too big for me but turns out very good. It was shipped fast so thats a plus and dont forget this is really fast bike
    I am a little sorry that blue color was sold out but black is also beautifull i cant complain

  277. Alfonso Villapol

    I’ve had the bike for 2 months now. I got 23 miles on the 1st charge. Tested all 5 PAS modes and throttle. Since I have averaged 33 miles per charge. I mostly use PAS 1. I have had no issues. It would be better for me if it had 8 gears.

  278. Derek B.

    Fantastic bike

    The power this thing has in amazing. Its halved my commute home from 40 to 20 minutes. The build of the bike is fantastic everything is finished to a high standard. There was very little set up out of the box pop the front tire on pump it up ( a small pump was also included) and you’re away. would definitely recommend.

  279. Gérald Courbet

    Everything ok

  280. Guenter Kluge

    Schlechter Wasserspritzschutz vorhanden, muß verbessert werden.

    Der perfekte Spritzschutz vorne ist zu knapp gehalten, das für einen stolzen Preis. 

  281. mabrouk

    The buyer get answered the question in detail and the bike was also very well installed and satisfied

  282. Nour Hartman

    The bike came very quickly – 8 days ,and everything was like they sad/no hidden fees or VAT/. Well put together ,it took just 30 min to finish it. Tried it and works well. I am reali satisfied with it and the seller was really helpful with the communication as well. And send a few gifts too. Thank you. I can really recommend this seller.

  283. Della Drew

    Great order process and quick delivery. Only missing an operators manual and a Certificate of Conformity needed for insurance purposes, that shengmilo send me later. Will buy again.

  284. Lichir

    Superbe vélo

    J’ai bien reçue le vélo en parfait état comme convenu pas de retardJe le recommande à tout(es) les passionner du vélo

  285. Arnold

    Very happy but no rear seat as described

    It mentions Electric Mountain Bike with Rear Seat but There is no Rear seat it is a luggage carrier. When I asked the seller they said it came with seats but it did not. Apart from that I am very happy with it

  286. Coleen Dragon

    Very good quality. And it yields very well. For now there are no complaints.

  287. Thibault Silvestre

    Delivery in 4 days drive great very happy with it

  288. Armaan Ellison

    Carters 40 km. Excellent bicycle. The seat is only stiff. Is it necessary to ndern. And so in general there is no pritenzy.

  289. Armaan Ellison

    wow, what an great bicycle, this is strong, robust and with the battery pack long lasting.

  290. Nenad

    i cannot find battery in your website
    how much with shipping
    discount for two?

    • Shengmilo

      Dear Nenad,

      thank you for your question and interest in Shengmilo e-bikes.
      Please send individual inquires at email
      But we will also shortly place batteries as separate products on our website to buy directly.

      Have a nice day!

  291. Willi Wacker

    Gute Beschreibung

    Das Fahrrad (ebike) ist einfach top! Man kann es leicht trotz der breiten Reifen als Fahrrad normal fahren. Ebenso sind die 5 verschieden starken Untersützungsmodi beim Treten sehr sehr gut. Zu allem Überfluß kann man das Fahrrad ohne jede Tretbewegung auch als Mofa mit Gashebel benutzen. Der Akku hat die größte und längste Power die es gibt, der Preis ist für dieses ebike spottbillig! Schnell kaufen ehe es teurer wird. Ich würde es immer wieder sofort kaufen. 

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