Shengmilo™ MX02S (Blue)

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As a powerful source for electric bikes, Shengmilo MX02S is equipped with a 48V17A lithium battery and 48V 1000W brushless, high-speed motor. The battery is additionally protected from water sources and damages and can be removed from the frame. You can charge it easily while on the bike or outside the bike, the full charge will take 5 – 7 hours. Depending on the selected mode, assistance level, and rider’s body weight, Shenmilo MX02S is between 50 – 90 kilometers. It is equipped with CST fat tires and is available in black or blue color.

Currently out of stock in EU. Order will be sent directly from China with around 35-45 days lead time.

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Shengmilo MX02S Blue has Big Capacity 48V17AH Lithium Battery

Shengmilo MX02S Blue is our top seller for good a reason. As a powerful source for electric vehicles, MX02S is equipped with a breath-taking 48V17A lithium battery. With the protection of the plastic and waterproof case, the battery is not easy to be damaged. Two charging methods available for this battery. The battery can be easily removed and recharged. Or it can directly charge by plugging the power supply into the ebike boy. Battery full charge takes 5-7 hours, The battery life can be charged about 1000 times. The distance that can be used when the battery is fully charged is approximately 60-90 km (pedal assist mode) and 40 km (pure electric mode). The cycling range can be up to 50 – 90KM and the max speed is 35 km/h under the 5level PAS mode.

Shengmilo MX02S Blue Introduction

Shengmilo MX02S is not only an amazing electric bike, but it also guarantees the experience of a lifetime! It is equipped with a powerful motor, Shimano 21-speed shifter system, hydraulic disc brakes, long-lasting battery, an adjustable and lockable aluminum suspension fork that converts forward power while climbing or riding on the road, and much more. Whether it is off-road hills, jungle trails, city roads, snow, or beaches, you can rely on this electric bike every time!

Long-Lasting Lithium Battery

Shengmilo MX02S BatteryThe MX02S is equipped with a 48V/17A lithium battery. The battery is removable, so you can charge it in either home or office. Water damage is not an issue as the waterproof plastic case is doing a great job of protecting the battery. When the battery is completely charged, you can ride between 60 to 90 km in pedal assist mode and up to 40 km in pure electric mode.

Safe Night Rides

The electric bike comes with a LED front light and rear warning light (located right on the seat). You can easily take a quick ride at night without worrying about safety. Even on rainy and foggy days, the LED lights have low energy consumption and strong permeability. The lights on the seat can be adjusted to be always on or blinking. It even has a loud horn so you can warn others of your presence on the road.

Convenient Charging

This bike offers two innovative ways to charge your bike. First option is to remove the battery from the bike frame and charge it separately. Alternatively, you can charge it directly by plugging the power supply into the car body. It takes around 5 to 7 hours to fully recharge the battery. You can recharge the battery more than 1000 times.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes on your Shengmilo MX02S Blue

The bike comes with a hydraulic front and rear disc brake design. The rotary stainless XOC disc brakes are rustproof and durable. It has excellent heat dissipation capabilities that ensure high temperatures can’t cause any harm. Furthermore, it prevents any damage due to rapid braking. The system powers off immediately when you brake, thus guaranteeing safety while riding.

48V * 1000 Watt Brushless Motor

With the 1000 Watt brushless gear motor, the torque reaches 95N-M without any hassle! Thus it continues providing consistent power to the electric bike, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 40 km/h and gradeability of 35° in common road conditions. While riding, you can slowly feel the motor building up to the desired speed, which promises a lot of thrills! (Please note – the motor has a custom speed limit function of 20km/h to 35km/h optional).

3 Working Modes

Shengmilo MX02S DisplayYou can switch between 3 working modes – take a look:

  • Pedal Assist – The motor gives you a moderate burst of power as you pedal the ebike. You can drive 60-90 km before recharging.
  • Fully Electric – You have the freedom to twist the throttle in any increments of power as per your choice. It has a battery range of 40-50 km.
  • Manual – Pedal the electric bike normally as you would any bicycle.

21-Speed Shimano Transmission

In pedal-assistance and electric mode, you can maneuver the Shengmilo MX02S to handle uphill, downhill, and flat roads at variable speeds. You can transition between different gears according to the various road conditions, which allow you to navigate paths and trails with relative ease.

Durable Frame

The frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is sturdy, yet extremely lightweight and designed to last long. Thus, the electric bicycle is stable enough to suit all road conditions such as snow, road, beach, mountains, etc. The maximum load of this ebike is up to 180 kg, which makes the MX02S frame structure more ergonomic as well.

Great Suspension on Shengmilo MX02S Blue

The MX02S has a full aluminum alloy pneumatic suspension fork that is adjustable and lockable. Built-in suspension shock absorbers filter out vibrations of bumpy roads and rugged terrain, which gives riding comfort a huge boost.

CST 26 x 4.0 Inches Fat Tires

Available in blue or black color, these “fat tires” can adapt to kinds of roads and conditions, like rain, sand, snow, mountains, and so on. They provide better friction and stronger grip on the road, thus ensuring a safe and relaxed ride.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to gear up for an incredible ride! Get the MX02S ebike right away!

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  • Some countries have local law limitations of motor & speed (check) for city

Additional information



Frame Size




Motor Type

Brushless Motor

Motor Power

48V 1000W

Battery Capacity

17 Ah

Battery Net Weight

3 kg

Charging Time

5-6 hrs

Max. Speed

40 km/h


Shimano 21 Speeds


3.5" LCD Display


26" x 4.0


Spoked Wheels

Handle Bar


Front Fork


Suspension Type

Bumper Spring


Alloy, 80 – 100 cm Adjustable Height

Max. Loading

150 kg


Front and Rear XOD Hydraulic Disc Brake


Shimano TX755, 7 Speeds Shifter

Net Weight

28 kg

Gross Weight

35 kg

Packing Size

156x34x80 cm

2 reviews for Shengmilo™ MX02S (Blue)

  1. MihaM

    I must say i like my bike a lot ia was choosing for so long time and checked so mqny models but at the end i take mx20s blue and i think it was the right decision. Also thanks to shengmilo for helping me with my anoying questions hehe thanks

    • Shengmilo

      Dear MihaM,
      we are really happy to see that you are satisfied with your purchase and enjoying MX20S model! 🙂
      No problem, we are happy to help. Regarding our discussion about fat tires, with the first snow, you will feel the real advantages.
      Once again, thank you for your purchase and this review, it means a lot to us.
      Best regards,

  2. MihaM

    Oh and not to forget, thanks for the pump i love the gift because is small enough to stick it on

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