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Shengmilo MX21 is a superb electric bicycle that promises exciting rides every time! The Shengmilo MX21 small in size with a sturdy aluminum frame that is durable and long-lasting. The battery is hidden inside the frame, which keeps intruders at bay, while the compact electric motor on the rear wheel is extremely powerful. The fat tires ensure a steady grip on the road, so you can use it on smooth roads as well as on rugged terrain!

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Shengmilo MX21 new and advanced portable electric bicycle!

Shengmilo MX21 is a superb electric bicycle that promises exciting rides every time! The Shengmilo MX21 small in size with a sturdy aluminum frame that is durable and long-lasting. The battery is hidden inside the frame, which keeps intruders at bay, while the compact electric motor on the rear wheel is extremely powerful. The fat tires ensure a steady grip on the road, so you can use it on smooth roads as well as on rugged terrain!

Lithium Battery

Shengmilo MX21 in frame removable batteryThe replaceable 48V/12.8Ah lithium-ion battery can be charged directly or removed and charged separately. A single charge lasts for 5 to 6 hours, and the battery can be charged up to 900 times. The riding distance per charge is 40 km to 60 km. The battery has overcharge, overvoltage, over-discharge, and overcurrent protection too.

Safety is ensured with Shengmilo MX21

A high-strength front suspension fork and rear suspension can take your riding comfort and safety to a superior level. Dual disc brakes offer better stability, while power is automatically interrupted when you brake, so safety isn’t compromised.

Change Gears

Shengmilo MX21 Shimano 7 speed transmissionThe Shimano 7 speed transmission system lets you change speeds and gear depending upon the road conditions – climb uphill, go downhill, glide smoothly on sandy beaches, and traverse snowy terrains without hassle.

Tough Frame

The frame is manufactured using double-walled rims made of durable 6061 aluminum alloy, which ensures a faster ride with less drag. The safe load of this ebike is up to 180 kg.

Night Riding

You can easily head out at night on this electric bike as the LED lights illuminate the road and any passersby clearly. They also ensure other drivers on the road know of your presence.

Brushless Powerful Motor in Shengmilo MX21

Shengmilo MX21 500W Powerful MotorThe system is powered with the help of a 500 W/48V brushless motor with a maximum speed of 45 km/h and a climbing capacity of up to 30° under normal road conditions. Please note that the engine has a speed limiting function – 30 km/h to 42 km/h optional.

Triple Working Modes

  • Pedal Support – The motor supports you with moderate power when pedaling the bike, and lets you drive for 60 km to 80 km after a full charge.
  • Full Electric – Turn the throttle lever in steps from the power you need to drive the bike motor. You get a range of 30 km to 40 km.
  • Manual – Pedal normally as you would on any other bicycle.

CST 4.0” Fat Tires

Shengmilo MX21 Fat tires and double disc brake systemCompared to ordinary tires, these fat tires are wider and larger, with excellent abrasion resistance, stronger grip, low resistance, and incredible anti-skid ability. It is great for riding on city roads, mountains, snow, beaches, and other terrains.

Easy to Store your Shengmilo MX21

The storage will never be an issue when owning a Shengmilo MX21 bike, as you can fold it up and store it quite easily.

Clear Display

Shengmilo MX21 Multifunctional Smart MeterThe waterproof LCD display features speed, battery requirements, night vision function, travel distance, light status, etc. so you are well aware when the battery needs charging if you need to go slow, or exactly how much you have covered on the electric bike.

Removable Battery

Since the battery is not in plain sight but in the frame instead, it doesn’t become a shiny target for thieves if you leave your bike unattended for a moment. You will be able to enjoy your very own key to lock up the battery.

Stellar Shock Absorption

Shengmilo MX21 Front Suspension Shengmilo MX21 Rear SuspensionThe all-aluminum frame, rear shock absorber, and lockable shoulder front shock absorber provide even cushioning, especially when riding on rugged roads and bumpy terrain. The Shimano 7-speed shift system gives you a flexible choice when riding.

Hurry and get the Shengmilo MX21 right now!

What does the Shengmilo MX21 kit include?

  • 1x Electric Bike Shengmilo MX21
  • 1x Removable Battery
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Manual in the English language
  • 1x Free Universal Assembly Tool

Order Shengmilo MX21

Additional information



Frame Size




Motor Type

Brushless Motor

Motor Power

48V 500W

Battery Capacity

12.8 Ah

Battery Net Weight

2 kg

Charging Time

5-6 hrs

Max. Speed

40 km/h


Shimano 7 Speeds


LCD Display


20" x 4.0


Spoked Wheels

Handle Bar


Front Fork

Alloy Solid Fork

Suspension Type



Alloy, 65 – 95 cm Adjustable Height

Max. Loading

150 kg


Front and Rear Disc Brakes



Net Weight

28 kg

Gross Weight

32 kg

Packing Size

94x46x78 cm

83 reviews for Shengmilo MX21

  1. Rik67

    Après plusieurs mois d’utilisation je confirme mes impressions sur le vélo, un bon vélo électrique ou certain points peuvent être améliorés. J’y ai monté une meilleure fourche et un amortisseur arrière plus performant, d’autres pédales plus rigide et là le résultat est super

  2. Bogdan P

    Hello! The bike looks great! I am interested to buy one but I am worry about the weight. In the description appear 28 kg. First time I saw it on Ali Express and in the presentation the bike has 26 kg. It’s not a big difference but I live at the second floor in a building without elevator. That’s why for me every kilo counts :). Can anyone weight it, please? Thank you!

  3. bernard HENRY

    mon épouse et moi avant acheté chacun un vélo shengmilo MX21.
    Nous sommes super contents des vélos, nous avons un souci avec une batterie. Comment pouvons-nous faire pour acheter une nouvelle batterie?

  4. bernard HENRY

    Mon épouse et moi avons acheté 2 vélos SENG MILO MX21. Lors de la mise en charge d’une des batteries, nous avons connu un problème. Le vendeur nous a renvoyé une tête de batterie que nous avons adapté, mais le problème subsiste.
    Nous souhaiterions racheter une batterie complète 48V 12.8 AH. Dimensions 430/365.
    Pouvez-vous nous diriger vers un vendeur de batterie?
    Merci d’avance

    • Shengmilo

      Cher Bernard,

      merci pour votre intérêt pour Shengmilo et votre question.

      Veuillez nous envoyer un e-mail à

      Oui, nous pouvons vous procurer une batterie supplémentaire, mais malheureusement le délai de livraison peut être très retardé.

      Cordialement, Shengmilo

  5. Rik67

    Un très bon vélo pliant pour un super rapport qualité prix. Le plus ses gros pneus pour une tenue de route exemplaire en chemins de terre

  6. Alfio

    Salve, potrebbe fornirmi copia della certificazione UE EN15194 per la MX21 di cui si parla nei commenti, grazie!

    • Shengmilo

      Dear Alfio,

      thank you for the question.
      Please refer to and if you made a purchase from our website, we will be happy to send you a copy.

      Enjoy your day!

  7. ndougjelosh

    Hi there. I am interested in shengmilo MX21

    Can you deliver to ENGLAND and how long it takes to arrive delivery?thanks

    • Shengmilo


      thanks for your question and interest in Shengmilo.
      Yes, we can send it to England.
      For the low price published on our website, the shipping time is about 55 days for MX21, but for an additional 200€, we can arrange express delivery from the EU and shorten the shipping time to 12 days.

      Thank you again. Best regards,

  8. Daniel

    Also the battery is good!! Takes me from work to home three times before recharge ^^

  9. Daniel

    The folding mechanism is very strong. I was worried as i am heavy guy (120gk) but everything is ok, when you lock it together it is rock solid. Cheers! Danny

  10. Jacques

    le vélo est parfait

  11. Rebeke

    Hello again! Is this the newest version we were discussing about?
    Sorry but I don’t really see the difference…but maybe it’s just me.
    Yes we want the newest bike! Rebeke

    • Shengmilo

      Dear Rebeke,

      thank you for your interest in Shengmilo e-bikes.
      The newest models currently are M60 and MX03.

      But MX21 is also very popular these days with a lot of positive feedback.
      It is also a very good choice.

      Enjoy your day,

  12. Kholmatzhon Daniarov

    The bike is robust and powerful. It’s easy to drive. The seller is very responsive when asked questions.

  13. Chae Jiang

    Received very quickly. Excellent communication, information and responsiveness. The bike is beautiful. I did not have time to test it on the road because I have no anti-theft. I just ordered it.

  14. Kemberly Roza

    Electric bicycle spectacular! Comfortable, prestante and durable. 500w power, tires fat for a excellent traction. Safe Braking and prestante. Battery powerful enough (20km range if you use full power with the throttle, 35/40km if you use a level 2). Very good seller. Correct and available!

  15. Enrique Lutz

    I received the bike in 5 days after i ordered it from Poland. The bike is good, i like how it was built.
    The frame feels solid, no issues there.
    The battery is in the frame and there is a hole at the right side of the frame to charge the bike.
    This hole remains open the whole time so be careful in the rainy day.
    Another down side of the bike is that the hole for the key for the battery is under the frame. This makes it very uncomfortable to use the key in and out because of the many cables under the frame.
    For the rest it’s a great bike. I asked for free gifts and the seller sent the gifts like glasses, helmet and gloves separately. I hope i will receive my free gifts.
    The bike goes up to 40km on the single charge full battery if you ride with pedal assist 25km/h so this bike is not suitable for a long distance ride.

  16. Isadora Heer

  17. Graham Rankin

    The powerful electric assist makes it very comfortable to ride. I also like the cool and inorganic design.
    I rode a lot on the slopes, so the battery was out of charge after about 30 kilometers. However, it doesn’t bother me because it’s easy to charge. I would like to use this bicycle for a long time.

  18. Finn Junkermann

    As always, very good products and fast service, I am delighted.

  19. Alisa Watts

    Great robust made bikes. Also a very patient staff to support with your questions. The bike can be limited to follow EU laws which is amazing. Bought two bikes and could not be happier with the purchase!

  20. Lluciano Marcos

  21. Sigmund Bruckmann

    Good quality. Fast delivery. Nice ride.

  22. Reiko Jeanlouis

    Prekė manęs nepasiekė, nors rodo, kad užsakymas pristatytas. Melas. Graci žinkite pinigus.

  23. Oscar Álvarez

    Delivery was very fast, the item was sent right away, I barely waited 4 business days to receive it!
    Great communication along the way.
    Packaging also very well done. And the bike itself is very high quality. There aren’t enough stars to give this seller ⭐️

  24. Diedra Spath

    Great! Well packaged! Compliant! Great fun!

  25. Thibault Silvestre

    I had a problem at the reception painting a little damaged but nothing serious he offers me a retouching pen… bike super 1ere ride too well I love it powerful and foldable I do not regret my purchase and if problem it communicates by email quickly it is serious more fast delivery

  26. Benoît Cortot

    I love the bike. It works very well made and runs great. I had some questions about the delivery and the store were very fast to reply so the service was really good. I would recommend this store to anyone wanting a good ebike.

  27. Aliya Fernandez

    Hello well received thank you.

  28. Aliya Fernandez


  29. Wendelin Jonas

    Good product

  30. Maximilien Chopin

    For UK delivery in 2 days. Bike OK looks I Motor well jeżdzi. Recommend changing the saddle and hands on kierownię.

  31. Starr Lheureux

    Perfectly packaged, no sratches, contents as described. Nice bike, really enough strength. Received in 2 days!

  32. Jeremy pinot

  33. Xose Mendez

  34. Dieter Krist

    the bike never arrived ….. I was waiting from 3 March around and never show up ,

  35. Yuvraj Wolf

  36. Gage Edmonds

  37. Miriam Perry

    Good bike and good seller. Superfast shipment from Poland to Spain in 6 days. Bike: powerfull and good made. The first trip. 30 km in asssist mode 3 and battery only go down one level. I am 1.85 m tall and my weigth is 80kg. …and now the bike is cheaper , but I am very happy. The package was correct. The two bikes can be put into my car without move the rear seats. To unfold the bike spend only 10 seconds. The light is powerfull and horn sounds loud. It is a great buy.

  38. Debbie Tanner

    Super vélo arrivé très rapidement. Tres simple a monter !

  39. Maximilien Chopin

    Everything is very good but the eighth behind))))))

  40. Vladimiro De Angelo

    Delivery 16 days competing seller, very nice bike, thank you.

  41. Eleri Barnes

    Excellent bike, I drive mainly on Ps.2, pedal twist in this mode is easy and nice to control. The seller is sociable, he explained everything about ‘without breakage.’ Thanks to the store, I’m very pleased. Delivery to Lithuania took 3 days.

  42. Anacleto Adornetto

    The bike looks good and well packaged very simple assembly in 10 minutes. The seller is very professional and responds quickly I highly recommend it.

  43. Franchesca Schwebach

    It’s another one in our family. I recommend a bike with great performance at a good price. It arrived well protected. Super off-road.

  44. Lelah Pelosi

    Now I’ve had the bike for a little while. This is superb bike with good features. Safe and trustable store with good service.

  45. Della Drew

    Very nice bike. The box was a bit damaged by UPS but the bike had no scratch. Everything looks good. tomorrow first long ride.
    Good communication only poor UPS. They where lying about delivery.

  46. Cindi Mcfarlin

    The bike is made very well my experience is quite positive is not fit for who lives in areas with many climbs to the weight of the bike and for not very powerful but in plain you reach easily the 40 km/h and read climb remains About 25 km/h braking being a mechanical disc brake is very long but you get used and you brake with advance the seller is very helpful and assistance after sales is at the top in the end the value price is among the best and is the most Accesdoriata

  47. Andrea Xiong

    Very quickly received. The boxes though and were shabby but inside everything is perfectly packed. Quality is super, but this is such a monster, I do not know how to consider wheels 20 × 4 tire width 100mm such an all-terrain vehicle. I took myself and 5 my wife, he rides cool, though not everyone has yet experienced, so a couple of km passed, it’s raining with snow on the street, it’s not is

  48. Aamir Boyd

    la bicicletta sembra di ottima fattura , ho avuto qualche problema nel settaggio ma il venditore mi ha subito aiutato. Metto 4 stelle in attesa della luce posteriore che manca, il venditore mi ha assicurato che l’avrebbe spedita al più presto. Appena arriva farò una nuova recensione con 5 stelle.

  49. Xose Mendez

  50. Luis

    Duda: ¿requiere seguro o matrícula para Europa o España? ¿Está homologada y certificada en Europa o España?

    • Shengmilo

      Dear Luis,

      Good News, Shengmilo electric bicycle has passed the EU EN15194 certification.
      It can now be normally used on most of the roads.

      Best regard

  51. Takako Ream

    He recibido la bici hoy, ya le probado y la encuentro perfecta es muy divertida y cómoda, como pero diría que hay que ajustar un poco el cambio de marchas pero por lo demás genial, el vendedor muy atento y el pedido llegó en 7 días desempeñar Polonia

  52. Reiko Jeanlouis

    Amazing funbike,s meet entirely to our expectation. Qualitative very well built. Fast delivered to Holland and immediately reply from the seller if you with questions sits. Definitely recommended this seller!!!!!

  53. Adella Tarry

    Despite the concerns of borders due to the health crisis I received the 2 mx21in a very short period (7 weeks), superb professionalism, hyper responsive, listening and very friendly, the MX21 are of very good quality, robust, the Royce Roll Fat bikes, Nice work Shengmilo you are MTB warriors, the accelerations are surprising, it’s a dream on wheels, it goes everywhere and it’s safe for handling, autonomy is excellent, bravo shengmilo you are winners and you filled me I recommend to 10.000% thank you again☮

  54. Xose Mendez

  55. Debbie Tanner

    Hello, the bike well compliant in aesthetics, but not compliant in description. In your description you tell the folded bike is 37 cm wide, in fact it is 47cm. I have to change the entire layout of my RV. I bought 2 bikes and I had a space of 100cm long, 85cm high and 80 cm wide for the 2 bikes. If you had told me the right size I will not have to buy. I think there is a deception because many folded bikes are between 40 and 50 cm wide. I could not put them in the trunk of my car greetings

  56. Fukumoto Shusake

    High quality bike with very good specs and really nice.

    I have Fiido M1 and this one is better (a little bit) with more Accessories like rear rack, rear light, a very comfortable seat, aluminium mudguards…

    With a lot of configuration possibilities (voltage, max speed…).

    And a very good seller, fast shipment and a lot of information about the track.

    Recommended. Product and seller.

  57. Ellie Julius

    After a slight delay in ignition, my patience was finally rewarded! This bike, is very well built, good finishes, a beautiful painting, very valuing and beautiful and I am very satisfied with this purchase. Thank you to the person in charge of communication, very friendly and very responsive.

  58. Lluciano Marcos

    Nice bike. eqipment is averange, but in Electric bike it’s work well. Light on front is pretty nice, you can drive with it in night with no problems. Electric motor has enought power to drive pure electric mode. real Max speed is ~40km/h

  59. Dieter Krist

    Very solid good quality thank you

  60. Sigmund Bruckmann

    I drive just 2km, everything looks good, I will leave new comment after few days.

  61. Gayla Tincher

    the bike is very good, the seller communicates, I received the bike in two weeks, exceeded all my expectations

  62. Kathi Okamura

    Superb bike and performance are at the rendezvous. For now, my companion has only been 10 kilometers at 30 km/h max but he behaves well.
    Its appearance is very qualitative. The headlight lights super well, the suspensions and braking are effective.
    During transportation, the clamp that holds the handlebar was slightly damaged but it is nothing. Just a scratch.
    So for now, we are very satisfied.
    Thank you to the seller for his kindness and responsiveness.

  63. Joseph Garreau

    Amazing Bike

  64. Kathi Okamura

    The first impression of the bike is very macho. It is delivered in 9 days. The quality looks premium, I haven’t went for a drive yet but will update about it soon. The tyres make it look like a beast, flash light is very bright, horn sound is too loud for a bicycle. The weight of the bike with battery included is quite large to be taken to any place by lifting it but it really helps if you want to fit it in the back of your car.

    The tail light was damaged and the seller was kind enough to send me the replacement.

  65. Iside Casaletto

    A very good quality against a good price. Also It will be delivered with a EN certificate and invoice.The correspondens is very quick and friendly. The bicycle was delivered from Poland within 1week to Holland with no charges for Taxes a shipment

  66. Klemens Totleben

    Very nice bike, easy to setup. Powerfull, recommend it.

  67. Finn Junkermann

    Super seller I recommend it at 100%, I received the bike quickly, and in very good condition. Thank you

  68. Prudence Rodden

    A true monster! Description unfortunately not in German!

  69. Jeremy pinot

    This bike is a real little bomb!!! I love it! Ultra fast shipping and receiving by UPS! Very simple assembly and very simple grip too. I did 30 kms yesterday and a single bar of consumed. The bike rides up to 45 km/h very easily without forcing. It is also equipped with a trigger “boost” for startup at the stop; It is very convenient. If I had to put a very small flat, it is at the saddle that is quite hard; But like that, they will muscle more;-)) the rear light AR recharges by usb port. In short, this bike is great! Go for it, you will not regret it!!!

  70. Sarina Santos

    Absolutely love the bike! The sender was lovely and communicated with us during every step of the delivery process. Very pleased with choosing shengmilo

  71. Lelah Pelosi

    Bike received very quickly in perfect condition. It is sturdy, powerful with a solid crutch. In addition sellers are very responsive when you ask them questions.

  72. Émeric Figuier

    great bike and it was fast in the Netherlands only te screen of the display has little scratches

  73. Diedra Spath

    Good quality you have to reprogram the speed management see YouTube tt OK except enough braking but not at the top for the price good plan anyway

  74. Liberatore Accordino

    received with in 4 days after the order in Italy.package was good. bike is strong and working very good.

  75. Niam Mullins

    Everything ok

  76. Debbie Tanner

  77. Alpha Um

    tanx seller best communication

  78. Gianmaria De Sario

    Excellent product I highly recommend
    The bike is a scooter without the disadvantage of gasoline and gas station

  79. Alfonso Villapol

  80. Néo Lortie

    The bike arrived very late compared to the shipment from Poland in reality they left from China. the packaging was not adequate, in fact the fork arrived damaged. the seller has sent a replacement one. however, the packaging remains unsatisfactory. the assembly some small gaps.

  81. Lorean Soni

    Product arrived very quickly. Quality high level all smooth, saddle dotarło damaged but seller has to send new. Recommend

  82. Branda Goshorn

    Very good quality, and it yields very well. For now there are no complaints.

  83. Speranzio Bartolone

    Very good communication from seller, always answering within a few minutes. Bike arrived in good packaging, no damage. Recommended 100% Bike looks solid and good quality.

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