Shengmilo MTB Bicycle Helmet with Detachable Magnetic Goggles and Taillight

Shengmilo MTB Bicycle Helmet with Detachable Magnetic Goggles and Taillight is suitable for all MTB riders. Stay safe with Shengmilo Bike Helmet while cycling, perfect for on-road and off-road use.


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Shengmilo MTB Bicycle Helmet with Detachable Magnetic Goggles and Taillight has a slim design and good looks, and it provides more coverage on the back of the helmet for a little extra assurance. The Shengmilo MTB Bicycle Helmet’s small size and remarkable cooling power let it effortlessly float through the air at various yaw and head angles.

The Perfect Secure Fit

By precisely adjusting their width over the entire circumference of each unique head, a minimalist fit system uses a dial that is simple to turn for enhanced simplicity of adjustment, providing you with a simple, comfortable fit that avoids pressure areas.

Shengmilo Helmet Ultralight Off-road Mountain Bike Cycling Helmet with Removable Visor TaillightDurable and Strong Protection

The high-density EPS material and robust PC shell provide outstanding protection and high-performance impact buffering. The fluorescent straps and lining will increase wearer comfort and safety overall.

Magnetic Sun Goggle

The usage of detachable goggles can greatly shield users from the wind, sand, and other elements in addition to the harsh glare and strong sunlight. The eye shield can be magnetically fastened to the helmet. The integrated lens provides complete wraparound visual protection, eliminating away with the need for sunglasses, annoying sweat pouring and fogging, and compatibility with myopia-correcting eyewear.

Shengmilo Ultralight Cycling Helmet With Removable Visor Goggles Bicycle Safe Taillight Intergrally-molded Mountain Road Bike MTB HelmetsSuper Bright Warning USB LED

It comes with bright rear lights that have three illumination options: constant light mode, flashing mode, and tour mode. These lights may make riders significantly more visible in the dark and alert automobiles and pedestrians behind them to maintain a safe distance.

Excellent Usage Experience And Performance

For good air ventilation and heat dissipation, 22 wind tunnel vents with internal channels can effectively direct airflow throughout the head. Users won’t experience any burden or pleasure with this incredibly light helmet.

Perfect Sizing Adjustment

With the multidimensional regulation system, users can quickly alter the size of both the head circumference and height. With the aid of the adjustable straps and multidimensional adjustment, the helmet remains steadily in place with the head in the proper position. It is suitable for 54-60cm head circumference, 54–61 cm. Please take accurate head measurements before making a purchase.

Sleek and Compact Shape

The cycling helmet’s sleek, compact shape and the side vents serve to minimize air drag from the sides while maximizing flow dynamics. This smooths the airflow from the front to the back.

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