Kenda 26×4.0 Fat Tire Inner tube

This is a Shengmilo tire inner tube replacement.

PSI Range: 5 psi to 30 psi
Recommended 15-20 PSI


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Kenda 26×4.0 Inner tube

Get a taste of Kenda quality with this 26X4.0 inner tube with an American Schrader Valve stem. The 0.87 mm thick Kenda 26×4.0″ inner tubes are made exclusively for fat bikes.

Competition-grade Air Tube

Kenda inner tubes provide great airtightness, strong chemical stability, and heat resistance.
Only 1/7 of natural rubber and 1/5 of common butyl rubber inner tubes have air permeability.

The Pursuit of Quality

With 60 years of production and a commitment to quality first, Kenda has built a solid international reputation. They do high-level quality inspections and vacuum quality inspects each inner tube.


  • Package include: Single 26×4.0″Kenda Fat Tire Inner tube. The inner tube of a bicycle tire from Kenda Tire has an American Schrader valve stem.
  • Feature: 26×3.50 through 26×4.0 bicycle tire sizes are covered by the Multi-Fitment inner tube.
  • Quality: Butyl rubber construction ensures a longer lifespan and resistance to ozone cracking and dry rot.
  • Material: Butyl Rubber and a 32mm Schrader Valve
  • Size:26″×4.0″
  • PSI Range: 5 psi to 30 psi
  • Recommended 15-20 PSI

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