Shengmilo Ultralight Bike Helmet with Removable Sun Visor

Suitable for riders is the Shengmilo Ultralight Bike Helmet with Removable Sun Visor. Stay safe with Shengmilo Ultralight Bike Helmet with Removable Sun Visor while cycling, perfect for on-road and off-road use.


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Shengmilo Ultralight Bike Helmet with Removable Sun Visor is suitable for cyclists. It is effective in all weather situations. The helmet offers a secure and stable shield for the head. The straps’ length can be simply modified to meet your needs. This ensures that the helmet will not slip during an impact and fits perfectly on the head.

Shengmilo Ultralight Integrally-molded 18 Vents Cycling Helmet with Visor for AdultAdjustable to Fit Different Head Sizes

This Shengmilo Ultralight Bike Helmet with Removable Sun Visor incorporates a rotating regulator for adjusting the head circumference. The unisex cycling helmet has a personalized fit and is ideal for most teens and adults with a head circumference of 54cm-62cm. Adjustable straps with a chin pad for a secure fit. Also, the quick-release buckle makes putting on and taking off the helmet easier.

Unisex Bike Helmet

To safeguard your head, utilize this bike helmet while engaging in a variety of outdoor activities. The cycling helmet is appropriate for a variety of cycles, including mountain, road, electric, trekking, and triathlon bikes. The intended users of this helmet are adults of both sexes.

Shengmilo Ultralight Integrally-molded Sports Cycling Helmet with Visor Mountain BikeExcellent Impact Resistance for Safety Protection

Its all-in-one polycarbonate solid PC shell and high-density shock-absorbing EPS foam construction provide remarkable shock absorption and drop resistance, greatly reducing impact forces, and providing you with the safest possible protection.

Cycling Helmet in Comfortable Design

Removable cushions made of the permeable material line the interior of a bicycle helmet to allow for simple washing, the preservation of a clean scent, and a secure fit.

Shengmilo Super Light Weight Mountain Road Cycling Helmet Fashion Painting Design 85 EPS Special Density Strong Bicycle Bike Helmet

Good Ventilation and Super Lightweight

Adopting a specialized aerodynamic and ventilation design, the riding helmet has 12 vents that allow air to pass through, which helps the rider travel faster and stay cool while cycling, making it ideal for summer cycling. Moreover, only 4 eggs’ worth of weight, or 263g, makes it comfortable to wear while putting less strain on the head and neck.


Shengmilo Cycle Helmet Mountain Bike Helmet Ultralight Cycling Helmet Mens Adult 18 Vents Integrally-moldedDetachable Sun Visor

For fans of all-mountain biking, a bicycle helmet with a removable sun visor is essential. The strengthened sun visor of this bike helmet is created especially for you. Also, you may easily and quickly remove the sun visor, giving you the freedom to drive on the highway or in the mountains as you like. Moreover, you may take it out if you don’t need it, giving you wide vistas to keep you safe. Visor vents allow air to circulate through to keep you cool.

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